Working Capital Calculator

working capital ratio calculator

When faced with bad debts, your business needs to know it can count on an insurance safety net. Learn how our experts handle claims swiftly and smoothly, from filing to indemnity payment. A ratio greater than 3 suggests a company may not be using its assets effectively to generate future growth. For example, developing new products and services, looking for new markets, planning ahead to remain competitive. One limitation of the current ratio emerges when using it to compare different companies with one another. Businesses differ substantially among industries; comparing the current ratios of companies across different industries may not lead to productive insight.

working capital ratio calculator

The working capital ratio is sometimes referred to as the current ratio as the measure is generally calculated quarterly, that is, on a “current” short-term basis. The second factor is that Claws’ current ratio has been more volatile, jumping from 1.35 to 1.05 in a single year, which could indicate increased working capital ratio calculator operational risk and a likely drag on the company’s value. In the first case, the trend of the current ratio over time would be expected to harm the company’s valuation. Meanwhile, an improving current ratio could indicate an opportunity to invest in an undervalued stock amid a turnaround.

What is Working Capital Turnover?

The working capital ratio is also known as current ratio and net working capital. Using automation to streamline processes that support other important financial metrics, such as your accounts payable turnover ratio, so you have the data, context, and time to make strategic cash flow management decisions. Before sharing a working capital ratio definition, it seems essential to remind what working capital is. It’s the amount of money you need in order to support your short-term business operations.

  • The financial model for forecasting net working capital is commonly driven by a range of processes within your company’s financial workflows related to current assets and current liabilities.
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  • Digitally transforming your accounts receivable will give you insights into customer payment trends, align stakeholders, and help your AR team overcome common problems that afflict accounts receivable.

Our team of reviewers are established professionals with years of experience in areas of personal finance and climate. Carbon Collective partners with financial and climate experts to ensure the accuracy of our content. You can use the net working capital calculator below to work out your net working capital and ratio.

Working Capital Ratio Analysis

Also, a high working capital can be a signal that the company might be able to expand its operations. Now that we’re done with the net working capital calculation, let’s learn how to use this ratio to evaluate a company’s financial performance. The figure you end up with will tell you what percentage of the firm’s current debt load is covered by its short-term assets.

working capital ratio calculator

Working capital management demands coordinated actions and strategies for optimal inventory and accounts receivables as one part of the company’s liquidity. For instance, even if a company has a net working capital of 1.8, it can still have a slow inventory turnover or slow collection of receivables. Both potential issues can lead to delays in the availability of actual liquid assets. This could include cash equivalents and marketable securities as well. This is because these assets are easily convertible to cash, unlike fixed assets. The net working capital formula is very similar to the working capital ratio and is used for current liabilities such as the company’s trade debts, accounts payable and any vendor notes set for repayment in the current year.


In order words, assets such as cash and liabilities such as debt are financial assets that are not necessarily tied to the core operations of a company. Low Turnover → On the other hand, a lower turnover ratio would suggest the opposite, i.e. the company’s working capital spending and day-to-day management are inefficient. In order to calculate the turnover ratio, a company’s net sales (i.e. “turnover”) must be divided by its net working capital . Working Capital calculator is part of the Online financial ratios calculators, complements of our consulting team.

working capital ratio calculator

Take our six minute assessment to figure out where you stand and receive a custom AR transformation roadmap. Receivables are a current asset, and the faster you can turn them into cash, the better your working capital position will be. In addition, resolving typical AR issues, such as disputes or a lack of cohesion between collections process stakeholders (AR teams, AP teams, Sales teams, etc.) will help you collect overdue invoices faster.