Best Xiaomi Smartwatch for Fitness Tracking

xiaomi smartwatch

Are you aware of smartwatches? Well, you must be! It is one of the latest trends in the era. While it has evolved as a popular fashion wearable, it is quite helpful in tracking your fitness level. Want to know your heart rate or track your sleep pattern? A smartwatch can do the job well. Smart watches can help effectively track the heart rate by measuring your pulse. It can help you set goals and motivate you to achieve them by enabling you to visualize your progress. When it comes to smartwatches, Xiaomi is a brand that stands out. Looking for the best Xiaomi smartwatch to reach your fitness goals? In that case, here is a list of Xiaomi smartwatches with best sales on you can purchase. Let’s take a look!

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

If you are searching for a Xiaomi smartwatch for fitness tracking, Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is a clear winner. It is a smartwatch that has all the features you can expect at an affordable price. In addition to the basic features, the Xiaomi Mi band 6 has various smart features you won’t find on other fitness trackers. It comes with a small tracker module that enables you to keep a record of your activities, blood oxygen level, and quality of breathing during sleep.

Apart from that, you can also measure the number of steps you have taken in a day, distance traveled, calories burned, and heart rate. The smartwatch can automatically detect activities such as walking, running, treadmill, rowing machine, cycling, and elliptical. The strap of the watch is quite soft. So it won’t collect hair or dust. It has a bigger AMOLED display that offers the watch a modern look. If you are looking for options in color, this smartwatch offers you great flexibility. You can get color options like blue, olive, yellow, black, orange, and ivory.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite is another great smartwatch that is ideal for fitness tracking. It comes with a square 1.55 inches TFT display. The display of the smartwatch is great in the bright sunlight. It is also good enough for indoor use. In terms of color, it is available in three color variants, namely, black, blue, and ivory. The smartwatch comprises several fitness monitoring features like step tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, and heart rate monitoring. The best thing about this fitness tracker is that it supports nearly 100 sports modes.

The Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite’s fitness tracking feature has many similarities with the Apple watches. The step count of the tracker is quite accurate and conservative. Moreover, you can easily use this gadget to keep track of your exercise sessions. It also works great for tracking your lap counts during your swims. That’s something very unique about this Xiaomi smartwatch. To access the apps on the watch, all you need to do is press the button present on its side. It can also help you control your mobile device’s camera and music. The battery of the Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite is also impressive as it can last for about one week, even with extensive usage.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro

Next on the list of best Xiaomi smartwatches is Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro. It is one of the budget-friendly fitness trackers that come with a lot of appealing features. It has a rectangular 1.47-inch AMOLED display. The smartwatch panel is large enough to enable you to read the texts without hassle. The fitness tracker’s ambient light sensor allows it to adjust the brightness automatically. It ensures that there isn’t any pressure on your eyes while reading the texts on the smartwatch. Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro does not have any buttons. It is a completely touch-based fitness tracker.

The smartwatch allows you to track about 110 different workouts. It may seem to be quite surprising. However, it is true! It even includes 14 water exercises. The most common activities you can track through the fitness tracker are swimming, running, walking, HIIT, cycling, and trekking. Besides that, Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro helps you track your heart rate, stress level, sleep patterns, blood oxygen levels, and even mensuration cycles. The Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro provides a decent battery along with exceptional performance.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro is another excellent Xiaomi smartwatch for fitness tracking. It has a metal case and a large display that enhances its overall look and feel. It has a rectangular 1.64-inch AMOLED display. The rectangular shape of the watch increases the size of the screen and allows easy readability. It offers a better reading experience to the users. This smartwatch can enable you to keep track of about 117 sports modes. Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro enables you to record sports like climbing, cycling, running, and much more. The tracker’s automatic sports recognition feature helps it determine whether you are engaged in skipping, rowing, or running.

Besides the sports modes, Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro allows you to record health data such as blood oxygen level, heart rate, sleep pattern, and stress level. You can use the device to set personalized reminders for adjusting and understanding your physical health. For instance, you can set reminders to track whether your heart rate is too low or too high.



These are some of the top variants of Xiaomi smartwatches that are ideal for tracking your fitness level. You can choose the best one depending on your specific requirement and budget constraints. The use of smartwatches has increased a lot in recent times. It is likely to increase even more in the near future. Want to be a part of the trend while ensuring optimum health? Get your smartwatch today! Platforms like Hekka can provide you with genuine fitness trackers at the best deals