Your new virtual friend – Xiaomi Mi Band 7

xiaomi mi band 7

In May 2022, a new generation of Xiaomi smart watches, Xiaomi mi band 7 was released, with TPU anti-bacterial wristbands, multiple colorways, and styles bringing a new visual and user experience. Sports mode, magnetic charging, and screen display are the main features of this product and we hope to provide better support to our customers, in sports or life, etc.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 still has an AMOLED screen this time, but the size has been upgraded from 1.56 to 1.62 inches, and the screen resolution has been increased from 152*486 to 192*490, which will provide a better experience for both novice and loyal fans for Xiaomi.


AMOLED screen mi band 7If you choose the Xiaomi Band as your exercise monitor, it is a perfect choice. In its previous generation, the Mi Band 6 features 30 sports modes to detect women’s health, stress, and has a swimming mode at the same time. Based on this, Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has been completely upgraded with up to 120 sports modes. Weighing in at 13.5 grams, you often forget that you have a healthy assistant watching over you. Also, this product added four professional motion algorithm analyses and additional support for data feedback such as maximum oxygen uptake, exercise load, and sports performance evaluation. In particular, Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will allow you to exercise no longer alone, you can choose the vitality competition PK mode to monitor each other with your friends or family members to workout and keep fit. These new features make this product even better and more professional.

mi band 7 - 120 sports modes

In addition, the 50m waterproof and 15-day long battery life allows you to not worry about any usage scenarios, such as rain or hiking. Xiaomi Mi Band 7’s quality and performance can pass the test of harsh conditions. Offline payment will bring more convenience to your daily life. For example, on buses, subways, and other transportation, you just need to bind your card and gently lift your hand. Xiaomi Band will automatically pay for your required expenses.