Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: Price, specs, and best deals

xiaomi mi 11 ultra

Are you looking for a smartphone that can offer you an excellent user experience? Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra is an ideal choice for you if that’s the case. The term ‘ultra’ is becoming quite popular in the mobile industry. So, this can be the right option if you want an ultra-model smartphone. Before investing in Mi 11 ultra, one of the best android phones of Xiaomi, you would like to know about its specifications and features. Here are the top specifications of the Mi 11 ultra smartphone. Let’s take a look!


The first specification to look into is the design of the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra. In terms of look, the phone is trendy and classy. When talking about the look of the Mi 11 ultra, you cannot miss out on the camera module. It stretches across the complete width of the smartphone and covers nearly a quarter of the rear body of the phone. This smartphone has the most prominent camera module launched yet. Color-wise, you can choose between ceramic white and ceramic black. There is a ceramic coating on the rear side of the Mi 11 ultra.

The weight of the Mi 11 ultra is 234 grams. So, you might feel it to be a little heavy. But do not worry; holding and using the phone is still comfortable. For extra protection, the phone’s display is encased in the Gorilla Glass Victus. The sleek and simple look of the phone, along with the ceramic finish, offers a premium look. Overall, the finish, fit, and materials of Mi 11 ultra are the best in class.


The display is another important specification of the phone you must know about. The Mi 11 ultra comes with a beautiful 6.81 inches display. It is bright and fast. The phone comes with an AMOLED screen that offers a full HD+ display. So you can enjoy your favorite content with much ease. The best thing about the display of Mi 11 ultra is its high refresh rate.

The refresh rate of the smartphone varies between 30 Hz to 120 Hz based on what you are doing on the phone. So, it ensures a smooth experience for the users. The brightness and contrast of the phone are just perfect. It enables you to enjoy high-definition content.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra has a number of fancy tools that allows you to make changes to enhance your visual experience. What’s more? Xiaomi has added a mistouch prevention technology to the smartphone. It ensures that your palm does not accidentally launch any apps as it gets brushed at the edge of the display.


Next comes the performance of the Xiaomi phone. When it comes to performance, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor. It has RAM that can be expanded up to 12 GB. The storage space of the phone can also be expanded up to 512 GB. So, you can expect a smooth performance.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, the good news is that Mi 11 ultra can provide you with optimal gaming performance. The response rate of this phone is 480 Hz. That means it can respond to your touch much faster than any other phone in the range. Also, the Game Turbo software can help efficiently manage the performance of the installed games. In terms of performance, this smartphone is ideal for regular use and gaming.


The camera of Mi 11 ultra has more functions to offer to the users. In comparison to Mi 11, the camera features have been upgraded in the ultra model. It comes with all-new sensors and an ultra-wide, telephoto lens arrangement. The telephoto lens has the potential to handle 10x hybrid zoom, 5x optical zoom, and 120x digital zoom. The primary camera of the phone is 50 MP, along with the supporting 48 MP ultra-wide camera.

The selfie camera is 20 MP. The main sensor camera is the actual showstopper of the phone. It can shoot pictures with its full 50 MP resolution. With the Mi 11 ultra, the clarity and sharpness of the pictures are just excellent. It helps in capturing a lot of details with minimal noise. The white balance is also perfect. The ultra-wide camera allows you to zoom pictures and take shots with exceptional clarity.


Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra comes with a powerful 5,000 mAh battery. With normal usage, the battery life can last for about one day and a half. However, if you are not someone who scrolls the phone a number of times, the battery life can last even more. It allows wired and even wireless charging. It comes with fast charging technology. As per Xiaomi, the phone can be fully charged in just 49 minutes. That’s quite impressive!


Mi 11 ultra has similar software as Mi 11. It runs on MIUI 12 on Android 11. The smartphone ensures decent performance for the users. The best thing is that the phone offers you the choice to make customizations to the software as per your preference.

Price of Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra

Now that you have comprehensive knowledge about the different features of the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra, you will be wondering about the price. In terms of price, the phone is available at £1,199/€1,199. However, you might get some of the best deals online. So, you need to take a look at different platforms that offer this smartphone, make a comparison, and choose the best one at the right price.


Mi 11 ultra is undoubtedly a powerful and appealing smartphone that has a number of beneficial features for users. It is indeed a great option for the young generation individuals. Looking for a stylish and trendy phone at a good price? You can go for the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra. The beautiful display, fast charging, and powerful camera make the phone worth investing in. Check out platforms such as Hekka to get the best deals and buy the smartphone.