Best Waterproof Headphones Adding Music to Your Life

waterproof headphones

Waterproof headphones are the priority accessory of everyone’s life in the current era. The world is evolving into a digital globe, so every electronic device has been innovated to its extremes till now. Headphones are diversified into hundreds of types with the most advanced features, and waterproofing is one of them. Finding reliable and long-lasting headphones is one of the most difficult tasks. Even if you find a perfect headphone, it may lose functioning if it gets exposed to a few drops of water. Here, technology has made your life by creating waterproof headphones.

Hekka is a place where you can find out an immense variety of waterproof headphones within the cost-effective range. This blog is all about the best waterproof headphones, which are equipped with some additional incredible features which are going to leave you in shock. From now on, you will not bother about choosing your waterproof headphones because we are here to choose the best ones for you as per your choice!

How to Choose the Best Waterproof Headphones

Waterproof headphones have some incredible features which determine their worth and reliability. This is a must-read blog for you if you are going to buy waterproof headphones because it is going to help you in deciding to get yourself the best headphones of your life.

What IPX Rating Your Waterproof Headphone Must Acquire?

The IPX rating of a consumer electronics device indicates how waterproof it is. If you’re only searching for a waterproof headset for ordinary exercises, an IPX7 headphone would be the ideal choice. IPX7 is rated for a depth of 1m for about 30 minutes. At the same time, IPX6 or even IPX5 will handle some perspiration and humidity. IPX7 is preferable since you can rinse it under water to eliminate sweat and grime after your activity. These are the perfect waterproof headphones as you can stay in water for up to half an hour while using them without getting worried about functional faults and any other inconvenience. While IPX8 comes up with some exceptional waterproof features, and it works for more than an hour in greater water depth. So IPX8 is best for swimming, scuba diving, and other underwater activities.

Why do you need to know about FitGoo?

You’ll notice that a lot of the waterproof headphones, particularly the IPX8 swimming headphones, come with a tube of FitGoo. FitGoo is a lubricant that makes it simple to insert the ear tips of headphones in earlobes and provides a secure stay inside the ear without slipping and moving out. Thus, it offers a secure fit that is deep, snug, and waterproof and allows the best sound quality in the depth of water. This is available with some high-quality headphones and is a must feature you should check before buying a waterproof headphone. If your waterproof headphones are lacking, then you don’t need to bother because you can buy them separately as well. Here is great news for you as it is also available for just about $8.

List of the Best Waterproof Headphones

Buying waterproof headphones is not as simple as it seems to be. You have to take a deep insight into some features which make it a valuable product. Let’s dig into the details of some of the best waterproof headphones to make your next purchase easier than ever before!

KUMI X2 Pro TWS Gaming Bluetooth Earphone

Kumi X2 Pro is a V5.1 IPX5 waterproof wireless headset equipped with touch Key control earbuds and Bluetooth headphones. IPX5 suggests that this headphone is the best for routine use if you are residing in a humid or warm territory because the headphones can tolerate perspiration and sweat. This headphone is available for just $9.99 at a 45% discount. The headphone works at 100 to 20k Hz frequency with a Bluetooth range of < 10 M.

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M10 Tws Wireless Headphones

These waterproof wireless headphones are equipped with incredible touch control and 4-6 hours of battery life. Bluetooth-compatible 5.1 earphones function exceptionally well up to a distance of 10 meters. Wireless headset waterproof 9D HiFi quality earbuds have a noise reduction feature of CVC8.0 while the built-in battery of the headphone case is 2200 mAh. These waterproof headphones are available for just $8.99 at a discount of 32%.

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Original Lenovo LP40 Wireless Headphones

This Bluetooth headphone is equipped with a touch control system and stereo earbuds for perfect performance with android mobile phones. This waterproof headphone has a built-in IPX54 level, so it comes out as the perfect headphone for use in summer. Lenovo LP40 can work best at a frequency range of 20-20kHz with a 300 mAh battery capacity in the case. This amazing product is available for just $15.99 at a 20% discount.

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Soundcore by Anker Life Q35 Headphone

Anker LIfe Q35 is the best waterproof headphone as it has incorporated LDAC for high-resolution audio. The headphone is unrivaled in terms of noise cancellation features as it is equipped with 4 microphones for canceling different noises, and it offers 60 hours of uninterrupted performance. To detect and enhance your call quality, Life Q35 employs beam-forming microphones and an AI system. It is available for just € 125.02 at a 35% discount.

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KZ PR1 Orthodynamic Wired Earphone

KZ PR1 is equipped with an ultimate 13.2 mm microphone and bass metal headset. This headset has a reliable aluminum cover with two music-tuning versions and smart line control. This waterproof headphone is available for just € 65.39 at a 24% discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Best Waterproof Headphones

Here are the most commonly asked queries about waterproof headphones.

Can I swim with the IPX5 headphones?

Unfortunately, these headphones are not appropriate for scuba diving or swimming. Despite having an IPX5 classification, they are unable to withstand intense water pressure. They are not used while swimming. For running and jogging, these are perfect.

Is Bluetooth connectivity reliable in waterproof headphones?

Yes, Bluetooth connectivity is strong and steady. Bluetooth connectivity is cutting-edge technology that can be quickly coupled with other devices. These headphones are popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts who enjoy listening to music stored on their phones.

What’s the difference between Water Resistant vs. Waterproof?

The technical meaning of water resistance is that a product can resist water penetration to some extent but not completely. As a result, IPX1 through IPX6 items are technically “water-resistant.”

Waterproof technically refers to a product’s complete resistance to water. As a result, high-rated IPX7 and IPX8 are referred to as waterproof, and depth/duration is provided for further degrees of waterproofing.