When Hekka and Uplive Japan Partnered to Make a Difference in the Fashion World

Hekka x Uplive Japan Events

The world reached a standstill when Hekka launched its commercial on August 15, 2022, in Akihabara and Nagoya. The commercial was a rehash of the trendy swimwear products displayed at New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week 2022, and Japan Swim week. The swimwear they introduced was a notch above in quality, and the brand left no stone unturned to add gorgeousness to their products.

Hekka X Uplive Fashion Digital Billboard in Akihabara, Japan | Hekka Fashion Promotion
Hekka X Uplive Fashion Digital Billboard in Nagoya, Japan | Hekka Fashion Promotion

A Sneak Peek at Japan Swim Week

Collaboration and events like this rarely happen when fashion meets innovation and technology. And yes, it happened recently in Japan when Hekka, the promising swimwear company for women, decided to partner with Uplive to set new trends with advanced technologies. With the use of technology, Hekka has been successful in blending the hottest trends with exceptional styles at affordable rates. Here is a news scoop about how Uplive and Hekka created uproar in the fashion community.

Japan Swim Week was launched from July 1, 2022, to July 7, 2022. Over seven days, they amused the audience with their gorgeous ‘Style de Vie’, a 30-piece capsule swimwear collection. The outfits became the focal point of the fashion world.

The massive audience gathered around to make the event successful. To create the brand that struck among the audience’s hearts, Hekka collaborated with sister company Uplive and achieved tremendous success. Earlier, they also partnered during New York Fashion Week. The aim was to combine Hekka’s real-time fashion sense with Uplive global reach and take up. The event has earned more than 10,000 social media impressions and quality publicity.

What Makes Hekka A Distinct Fashion Brand?

Hekka is a Singapore fashion brand that offers swimwear for women at an affordable cost. Itscommercial launched on 15 August, highlights thesteamy ladies’ swimwear with a difference. What makes Hekka unique is its diversity and approach. Along with a great diversity in style, they have been mindful of bringing styles approachable to people worldwide.

The company has entered into a partnership with Uplive to enhance its global reach. With the sharing expertise of Hekka and Uplive, the brand is looking to create a more seamless experience with a wider reach. Hekka reminds us of celebrating every day pleasures to achieve fulfillment in life.

It is predicted that its cover-up swimwear products will take the world by storm. The collaboration will further improve their social media impression and create a meaningful connection with the users.

Hekka’s brand believes in flaunting inclusive style by showcasing the hottest and most affordable women’s swimwear. ‘Style De Vie’ owns 30 pieces of hand-picked swimwear collection, keeping modern trends and comfort in mind. Japanese swimwear is ideal for determined, firm, and opinionated women with an innovative heart who likes to try new styles and trends. The popular collection includes a patterned and two-tone style.

The collection ‘Style De Vie’ entails swimwear essentials, apparel, and beach accessories that are a must to complete the overall look. All the items sync with brand ethos, and Hekka uses natural fabrics and sustainable materials to celebrate uniqueness and inclusivity.

swimwear essentials
swimwear essentials

Hekka is a company that absconds poor-quality products and strives to provide swimwear for women at affordable rates. Their partnership with Uplive has further the cause, and now they are supplying products for modern women. So, if you also want to flaunt your body or curves, visit Hekka.com. Explore a wide range of products according to your preferences.

Hekka’s vision is to make fashion more accessible with its approachable style. In this process, it has collaborated with a network of creators and supply chain companies and is adopting innovative technology to create unique trends with a great price tag.

Hekka is both a brand and a shopping platform where users can access the latest women’s swimwear products with the highest comfort. Their unique combination of offering great products with utmost comfort at low prices makes it popular among women of different shapes.

Hekka is a customer-centric brand that combines fashion and technology to generate a seamless and immersive experience for fashion-conscious woman. The company was introduced by Asia Innovation Group, which has 500 million registered users in 150 regions. Its mission is to dilute borders when it comes to fashion and makes women’s swimwear accessible across different geographical areas. The team comprises skilled staff and international team partners from across Europe, the US, and India. They are reframing the fashion industry by redefining real-time fashion. They are committed to their customers and go out of the box to impress them. For more details about the brand, you can visit hekka.com or follow us on @hekkaofficial on Instagram.

Hekka Performed Distinctively Worldwide

Hekka and Uplive were successful in activating a sense of amazement among the women and letting them bask in distinct energy.

One thing remained similar in the fashion events in Japan and Miami; the collection depicted the snapshot of a woman who wants to show off their true self without any inhibitions and unleashes their inner confidence.

Hekka presented both events successfully, and their brand products created uproar in the market. The commercial’s happy faces reflect how successful the event was and how comfortable the women were in flaunting their outfits. You can also check out the commercial to see the recap of swimwear for women’s products displayed during fashion week.

About Asia Innovation Group

Asia Innovation Group is a social company with 500 million registered users in 150 regions. With a portfolio of e-commerce, social, and gaming platforms, it is designed to provide you with meaningful products and services. The company boasts 18 offices across the world and offers cutting-edge technology and global infrastructure.

To date, it has launched several apps to its credit Uplive, a global video platform; Cute U and Lamour- are dating apps and Hekka Fashion, which promotes the concept of fashion with comfort, keeping in mind accessibility to all fashion users. They are the champions of creativity and inclusivity and offer innovative products to empower creators, women, and people around society without disturbing nature.