7 Trending Outfits To Add To Your Wardrobe for 2022

trending outfits

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and it’s always good to know what’s coming for 2022. For women, the future of fashion is looking bright! These trending outfits in 2022 are going to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.


Recently casual jumpsuits have roared back into fashion, whether being styling power-pieces for the office, casual day wear, or sleek dinner date fits, having two or three jumpsuits or playsuits in your closet is a must have. They are effortlessly chic and adaptable to different social situations no matter you want to feel sexy or down-to-earth and comfortable.

Front Zip Tops

There is something undeniably sexy about a zip front top. They are alluring and attention grabbing, and ooze confidence. This sleeveless tank top combined with a halter neck can be the defining piece of a ‘going-out’ outfit when you’re hitting the dancefloors with the girls.

Crop Tops

Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are champions of the crop top. For those who work hard in the gym, they are perfect items to show off toned stomachs and celebrate the dedication put into cardio and crunches. Designs range from playful home wear, to street wear designs, like this green plaid top, that are ideal to pair with oversized jackets, or denim.

Lace Trim Shorts

These solid colour, casual lace trim shorts come in six colours, making them perfect to mix and match with a range of crop tops, sweatshirts and tees. But sometimes it’s all about the finer details and these lace trim shorts can add a twist to any outfit. With an elasticated waist and drawstring, they are super comfortable and can be worn any time of day or night.

Knitted Cardigans

As the sun goes down in the summer evenings, or as autumn approaches, they are few items that a more comfortable and stylish as a knitted cardigan. They are staples of the wardrobe because of the warmth and adaptability of them, pairable with many outfits and styles, particularly when picking neutral colours, like this long, buttoned polar grey cardigan coat.

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Animal Prints

Faux animal prints always bring a playful twist to any outfit. They evoke a sense of fun and mischief in the owners character, whilst commanding the attention of those in the room. They are statement pieces and no more so than this short sleeve, loose short, classy leopard print dress With its casual fit and pull over style, it guarantees the you’ll be queen of the jungle at any party.

Puff Sleeves

As Stranger Things hits out Netflix screens once more, it’s hard to escape the puff sleeves that became such an iconic part of 80s fashion. This year, they still expand our wardrobe and can be elegant additions to spice up outfits. In particular, combining solid colours like this square neck puff sleeve dress that comes in three colours, and packs a punch when worn with a short skirt.

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