8 Must Have Summer Accessories Available Now on Hekka

summer accessories

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy everything that the season has to offer! But, with all of the activities in store, it can be difficult to know what items to bring along.

Hekka will provide you with must-have summer accessories that are available for you!

Whether you’re outside having a picnic on cinco-de-mayo or at the beach for spring break, this lively outdoor picnic mat brings the fun and is perfect for sitting on whilst sipping a few summer cocktails or sharing tequilas. It’s vibrant, multicoloured pattern and ‘day of the dead’ skull design mean it’s instantly recognisable from anywhere on the beach – creating a great marker for when you decide to go for a swim.

Either hanging on the wall as a psychedelic tapestry, on the sofa as an accented throw, or on the floor as a rug, this bohemian wall tapestry is a super versatile addition to your home. Its cute animal, floral and geometric patterns make it a great conversation starter as well as a colour scheme that adds a wow factor to any room.

If you want to add a bit of luxury to your outfit – these marquise diamond earrings are a dazzling complement to any dress. They are perfect for formal events such as balls, weddings, or black-tie dinners. Their drop earrings style and flower shape traces the earlobe, while the petals are made from cubic zirconia – guaranteeing to catch the light and provide a sparkle to your style.

This gold coloured body chain bikini is perfect for the beach (or the bedroom!) adding a glamorous and sexy twist to a bikini or lingerie set. It hangs just above the belly button and dangles delicately across the chest. For those wanting to add a new style to a beach outfit or eye-catching accessory for a pool party, it’s a great piece of jewellery to accent a confident and alluring look.

These 90s vintage designer shades with big frame mirrored lenses allow you to rock a party look anywhere you go. Whether at music festivals during the summer, or at apres-ski fresh off the snow slopes in the winter, these big square sunglasses are our new go-to for a good time. They are study built with mix of polycarbonate and plastic titanium materials, whilst the lenses are UV400 for keeping the glare out of your eyes.

For those who have pierced belly buttons, we absolutely love these cool belly button rings. They are a super fun and playful switch from regular barbells, and are a standout addition or even focal point of any rave wear. They are a must have for any regular, or wannabe, of the underground music, or dance festival scene.

These Korean Inspired geometric drop earrings are a sleek and soft way of complementing minimalist and simple outfits. Their asymmetrical appearance add personality to any look and ideal for those who like to wear gold colour jewellery as highlights. Think Black Pink over Squid Game, and you can add a chic K-Pop style to your accessory box.

For perfecting a swim wear look this summer, a minimalist body chain can transform even the most simple bikini combination. This graceful bikini body chain is a sexy embellishment that can be worn throughout the day and night time, with a small star, resting above the navel, being its arresting feature.

All the summer accessories that will help you have the best season ever!