Fashion Brands-South Asia Trends That Impacted The Fashion World

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Fashion trends are as unpredictable as the wind. When you’re sure you have a grasp of what’s popular, you’re swept off your feet!

However, there are times when fashion remains pretty predictable. South Asia is a fantastic example of this, remaining one of the biggest influencers in fashion for centuries. From colorful Indian fashion to ornate Bangladeshi styles, this area of the world is brimming with creativity. What does this mean for your fashion sense?Asian fashion-a south Asian woman wearing a white, green, and black shirt with bright earringsImage source
Global fashion will reach a stunning two trillion dollars by 2026 in the United States alone. Let’s look at the origins of these unique styles and how they’ve impacted the fashion world.

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The Globalization of Fashion

Fashion trends sometimes stay within the boundaries of their own country or culture. Other times, they become globalized, spreading to the world’s far corners in different forms.

Why does fashion globalize? Scholars studied several reasons over the years that have remained remarkably consistent.

Economy & Style

Form and function are the pillars of any fashion sense. As such, the development of the economy is a common influence on how fashion evolves around the world.

The more easygoing and consistent the economy is, the more relaxed fashion tends to be. On the other hand, economic downturns influence fashion trends more hardy and practical.

Preserving Culture & Tradition

Fashion represents culture and tradition at a glance. The vast majority of styles we know and love today have their origins in ancient societies.

The downside to fashion globalization is that the roots of a given style are often diluted beyond recognition. For example, Japanese culture is highly recognizable for its flowing sleeves, tight sashes, and bright colors. Many cultures have since adopted these traits by adding their unique spin.
Japanese fashion-a Japanese woman wearing a colorful red blouse and gold earrings
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South Asia’s Influence on Global Fashion

South Asia is a massive designation, including several locations. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka are just a few countries that have influenced global fashion.

The Silk Road

Contrary to popular belief, trade is not a new concept. Societies many years ago were trading goods on foot or by sea to improve their quality of life. One of the best examples of this act is the silk road.

The silk road first emerged in the second century and lasted for hundreds of years onward. This trade route earned its name for its focus on trading silk and sewing materials in exchange for mounts. Later, the silk road would trade commodities like camels, gold, and wine bottles.

Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are a significant component of any successful fashion trends and movement. These fashion brands are carefully cultivated to retain a distinctive style, brand voice, and personality. Alongside style and approach, luxury brands commit to high-quality materials to cultivate a loyal customer base. Just a few of the South Asian luxury brands making waves are:

  • Satatland
  • Bina Khan Beauty
  • Kaanjj
  • holiCHIC
  • Kamal

Kimono Inspiration

As touched on above, Japanese fashion is an artistic and cultural powerhouse. Just thinking about the country often yields kimono, obi, and yukata images.

Kimono inspiration peaked in the 2000s with the aid of American celebrities.

Many well-known creators such as Cameron Diaz, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj wore variants of this cultural wear. While the kimono wave has slowed down somewhat, you’ll still find remnants of this trend in many day-to-day outfits. Cardigans, shawls, and pajama wear still have kimono-related influences today.


It’s not just the West that takes inspiration from South Asian fashion. K-Pop is a thriving industry that takes a little bit of everything and shakes it up in a jar. Korean fashion emphasizes zesty colors, fun layers, and global influence. Today’s K-Pop groups take just as much inspiration from India and Pakistan as from America.

That said, K-Pop outfits still need an emphasis the function to ensure dancers can perform on stage or meet with fans. This feature is a big reason why their clothes tend to leave movement space for the legs and arms.
Bangladeshi fashion-two Bangladeshi villagers wearing bright outfits
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Understanding your fashion roots is the key to blossoming into the most stylish version of yourself.

South Asian fashion trends are even older than you know, spanning back to the second century in the form of the Silk Road. South Asian fashion has blended with Japanese, Korean, and American sensibilities to this day. You can even add sprinkles of South Asian style to your casual wear or day-to-day workout routines.

How can you level up your look for 2022 fashion trends? Use your tastes to blend style with function to feel your best in the new year.