To Save Money, Don’t Buy an iPhone 14 Today

should i wait for iphone 14

The newly launched iPhone 14 range is the third model from the tech giant suitable for the 5G networks. The design of the iPhone 14 resembles iPhone 13, which was launched exactly one year ago. The iPhone 14 was the first smartphone from the range, launched after the giant’s official declaration of the iPhone 14 range at Apple’s annual event.

The iPhone 14 comes in five various colors. There are some minor changes to the camera and charging. The massive development is the re-entry of the Plus size variant of the smartphone, and there is no mini iPhone this time. The entire iPhone 14 range will be quite expensive now, and the newly launched smartphones are trending.


How to Save Money and Not Purchasing an iPhone Today?

A few ways to purchase the newly launched iPhone 14 and save some bucks are:

Avoid Purchasing the New iPhone 14 at the Moment

Since Apple launched the new iPhone 14 in September, it will be very expensive. If our existing iPhone is working tremendously well, we can avoid buying iPhone 14 at the moment and keep using the iPhone that we are already using it. If we have iPhone 11, iPhone 12, etc., and they are in good condition, we can continue using them if the old iPhones are working perfectly well.

Use the Old Version of the iPhones.

If we do not have an iPhone and want to purchase iPhone but want to spend less, buying an old version is a good choice. We can opt to purchase other iPhones such as iPhone SE, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, etc., the cost of which has decreased dramatically. The giant has removed the old models from its stores online and offline. Retailers may reduce the cost of the old iPhones.

Avoiding Purchasing iPhones on Contract or Upgrading Them

A costly way of purchasing any new smartphone is to purchase it on contract from the network operator. Instead of purchasing smartphones through the mobile operator, we can buy an independent SIM card on contract. The process makes purchasing smartphones economical. Many people buy new mobile phones to upgrade their existing ones through their network. Purchasing mobile phones this way will be expensive, and network operators can charge extra money. We might have to pay massive amounts of interest every month and be a part of two years contract or more than that.

Sell the Old Mobile Phone to Purchase a New Mobile Phone

Selling an old mobile phone and purchasing a new one is a good option. We can fund money to buy a brand new mobile phone by selling the old mobile phone. No sooner a new smartphone has launched, the cost of the older smartphones decreases in value.

Purchasing New Smartphones Abroad

Purchasing new smartphones abroad is not feasible for everyone. In 2022, buying smartphones abroad is arduous because of the horrible exchange rate. Purchasing mobile phones abroad can be reasonable and will save us some bucks. There is a slight difference between the cost of any smartphone in pounds and dollars. People purchasing devices abroad must pay additional taxes based on the countries they visit to sort out the original cost of the devices they want. By doing so, people can save some bucks based on the smartphone they intend to purchase.

Get Hold of Cashback on a Contract

Buying smartphones on a contract is not a good option, but if people still want to purchase them on a contract, they can go to various cashback websites where people might get upgrades and get their money back.

should i wait for iphone 14
should i wait for iphone 14

Frequently asked questions

Is the iPhone 14 worth buying?

Apple neatly priced the whole lot at a rate of $899, which is around $200, much less than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, while bringing the identical display and large battery. If you’re a fan of a massive display phone with top-class capabilities, then the iPhone 14 Plus priced at $899, is really well worth buying for you.

Is the iPhone 14 worth upgrading from the 13?

The iPhone 14 introduces new capabilities, including eliminating the physical SIM card, car-crash detection, and superior cameras on the rear and front. Despite the changes, iPhone 14 needs to be more distinctive to justify upgrading from the iPhone 13.

Is it better to wait for iPhone 15?

Apple constantly makes year-to-year overall performance upgrades to the iPhone, so you can expect the iPhone 15 series to include several changes. You can assume the iPhone 15 models function as an advanced processor that may cause higher battery existence and app performance

Is the iPhone worth buying in 2022?

Many typically consider Apple iPhones the best in the phone industry despite the fact that they can cost you loads too. However, with the release of the iPhone 14, Apple has decreased the iPhone 13’s price, making it the best phone to buy in 2022

Which iPhone is better to buy now?

  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • Apple iPhone 14.
  • Apple iPhone 13 Mini.
  • Apple iPhone SE (2022)

Which phone is the best in the world?

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • OnePlus 10 Pro.
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro.
  • Oppo Find X5 Pro.
  • iPhone 14 Plus.
  • Xiaomi 12 Pro
  • Motorola Edge 30 Ultra
Xiaomi 12T Pro
Xiaomi 12T Pro

Xiaomi 12T Pro 8/12GB+256GB

Which is better, Android or iPhone?

iOS is better than Android in safety and is now up for debate. However, the consensus still gives Apple the upper hand. iOS has more regular updates for all gadgets, a closed surrounding that is tougher to penetrate, and a stricter app store.

Is the iPhone camera better than the Android?

There are some reasons iPhone takes better images than the Android. Image Signal Processor: Apple uses Sony sensors, which might be presently the best on the market, other than the iOS post-processing software that is far more advanced than any preceding Android phone. The camera quality is a lot greater than the sensor.

Is the iPhone safer than Android?

Apple’s mobiles and operating systems are inseparable, giving them far greater manipulation over how they work together. While iOS device capabilities are more constrained than an Android device, the iPhone’s integrated design makes protection vulnerabilities far less common and more challenging to find.