NEEDED! 5 Must Have Tools for DIY Enthusiasts

must have tools

For experienced home improvers, or those who are dipping their toes into DIY for the first time. Hekka has some great must have tools for DIY, which will bring your creativity and productiveness to life. Here are a few we’ve just stocked up on.

Laser Distance Meter

This smart laser range finder uses an intelligent 30M OLED display. It has a handy hollow ring that you can put your finger through for ease of moment and help with measuring. The laser tape measure can be used in both front based mode (vertical) and laser based mode (horizontal) providing adaptability to any flat surface that you are trying to measure. It can measure distance at range as well as sync with the Mi Home app on smartphones to track and save measurements.

Xiaomi Mijia Electrical Precision Screwdriver

Xiaomi are renowned for their handy tech and home electricals. Super affordable and with minimalist designs, they are always a trustworthy brand to choose. It’s with no surprise that their two gear torque control, Type-C rechargeable magnetic screwdriver set makes it onto our list. The kit comes with twenty four pieces of high strength steel, including six long bit pieces (45mm) and eighteen precision bits. The range of precision screwdrivers are ideal for keeping at home, or packing when travelling and allow you to unscrew, check and repair a range of everyday valuables such as DSLR cameras, portable game stations, watches, laptops and mobile phones, eyeglasses and various toys.

Cordless Hot Glue Gun

For the arts, craft and design enthusiasts, this electric glue gun is a compact and stylish designed tool that is just 155mm tall. It has a built-in large capacity lithium battery that can continuously produce glue for about 100 meters at full power. To charge the battery, it is equipped with a Universal Type-C charging port that enables fast charging anytime and anywhere. It has a double insulation design – the outer coating is covered in a high temperature resistant, protected silica gel, which is heat insulating and anti-scalding. It’s stable design and front plus rear balance structure allow it to be placed vertically without additional support. It’s convenient, safe to use, and a nifty adhesive applicator that can be used by adults and children alike. After 5 minutes without operation, it automatically shuts down to prevent overheating of components, excessive glue melt, and conserve battery.

Mechanical Toolkit

This versatile mechanic tool box set includes both a screwdriver and ratchet wrench within this 24 in 1 set. Each ratchet and screwdriver head are colour coordinated by size, providing an appealing design to bring this handy product to life, and help you identify the right piece when busy working. Each piece is form fitted within protective foam inside the durable and study casing, so that no piece is dislodged if you drop the box, nor broken. It’s compact and easy to store, ideal if you need to place in the boot of your car, or pack into travel bags when going away.

CNC Laser Engraving Machine

For some of the more advanced DIY doers, or engraving hobbyists, this laser engraving machine is a great addition to the home where you can do a variety of different types of engraving, including: image engraving, text engraving, scanning engraving, outline engraving, pixel engraving. It comes with an aluminium alloy frame and acrylic body. Replaceable laser modules allow the user to customise with other modules to make use of different laser power, meanwhile its open structure allows flexibility no matter your project. It’s easy to assemble and connect to a computer allowing you to embrace your creativity and engrave on a number of different materials including wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, leather and sponge.