Minimalism List – How many untouched items do you have?

minimalism list

What is Minimalism? Why do you need minimalism list? As our routine items continue to be over-packaged like clothing, food, etc., daily bills and expenses expand as our desires grow. In addition, our lives are constrained by ineffective socializing and trivia, leaving us exhausted but accomplishing nothing. From now on, stop being kidnapped by superfluous burdens and learn to live simply and hard, keeping material, energy, wealth, and mindset to a minimum.


Start with your wardrobe and live a minimalist lifestyle with minimalist outfits! First of all, black and white are the main colors in a minimalist capsule wardrobe; they can be matched with most colors easily and conveniently. Meanwhile, the less color you contain in your outfit, the easier it is to achieve the premium feel. In Hekka, this vacation maxi dress perfectly implements the concept of minimalist looks. The cotton blend fabric provides customers comfort, and the lace and cold shoulder sleeves contribute to the extremely designer look of the dress.

Besides black and white, other solid-colored dresses can be a suitable choice for a minimalist look. A knee-length straight dress that can be worn for any occasion, formal or casual, meeting or party. At the same time, the warm pink color makes you look charming! In particular, this dress is sustainable and appropriate for spring, summer, and autumn.


On the other hand, with the rapid development of technology in modern society, do you have more minimalist products from Electronics that require different types of charging devices? Does the clutter of charging cables make your table untidy? A 3-in-1 charging cable will certainly eliminate a lot of hassle for you because you just need to carry one charging cable to go out with your friends and family. Also, you do not need to worry about whether any of your electronic devices will not work and they do not have enough power. This is because Hekka’s products have type-c, USB-c and iPhone, three different kinds of charging, which meet the requirements of most electronics in daily life. Finally, the good quality of products guarantees long-term use without fear that they will break down temporarily and disrupt your plans.

Overall, minimalism is unique in these materialistic times. It is more of a tool to encourage people to be brave and discard superfluous items and find what they really need. Hekka hopes that our customers will be able to choose the minimalism list they like and achieve a simple life.