Best Budget Mi band 7 in USA/Europe

mi band 7

Fitness bands are all in demand these days with the rise of health-conscious culture in the present day. Every electronic brand has either come up with fitness bands or watches that work as fitness bands. The most used and popular smart watches are the Mi bands from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has released multiple versions of its popular Mi Bands, and the most recent one is the Mi Band 7. The Mi band is top-rated because it comes in a highly affordable range but offers many high-end features. Xiaomi comes up with different versions, and in this article, the features of Mi band 7 are highlighted for the United States’ and European audience in USA, United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Germany.

The Mi Band 7 comes with a larger display than its predecessor. The battery life of the Mi band in its latest version also comes as an improvement. The battery life has increased to 15 days back up. The band also comes with an improved blood oxygen level tracker. In countries of Europe like Germany, France, and Germany, Mi Band 7 was released on 21 June 2022. Since then, the fitness band has been very popular among tech and health enthusiasts.


How much does the Mi Band 7 cost in Europe and USA?

Mi Bands are very affordable, and the base version is very reasonable. However, with subsequent versions, the Mi Band has increased costs. The costs are not so steep, but there is a gradual increase with successive versions. The Mi Band 7 comes at around £54.99/€59.99 in Europe, $55.99 in USA.

xiaomi mi band 7
xiaomi mi band 7

What are the most notable features of Mi Band 7?

There are a number of features that you will find new in the latest version of Mi Band. You will also find some old features retained but in improved versions.

Larger display

The larger display of the Mi band 7 is a striking feature that you will notice. The screen comes with a 1.62” AMOLED display with an always-on mode. You can peek into the screen at any time for your health vitals. It comes with 2.5D tempered glass that protects the screen from damage and makes it durable. At the resolution of 192 x 490, the display quality is superior and offers better visibility to the user. The band also comes with 100+ band displays which amplify the look of the always-on screen of the device.

Better sensors for tracking

The Xiaomi Band 7 comes with a PPG heart rate sensor for accurate heart rate display and better tracking of any fluctuations. Other sensors that are part of the Mi band 7 makeup are the 3-axis accelerometer sensor and 3-axis gyroscope sensor for better motion tracking. The band has a connected GPS and SPO(2) tracker sensor for better functionalities. The data collected by these sensors is accurate and helps make the Mi Band 7 the best health assistant you can wear.

Better battery life

With our busy lifestyle, it is difficult to charge a device repeatedly. People are searching for devices they can wear and forget about for the next week. Xiaomi has listened to this thought of the people and created a fitness band that comes with a 15-day battery backup. The battery capacity of this wearable is 180mAh which lasts for around a fortnight. You can use the device for at least nine days with heavy usage. You can simply put the gadget on your wrist and use it for days without worrying.

Better connectivity

The Mi Band 7 comes with Bluetooth 5.2, which allows you to have better connectivity with other devices, such as your mobile. You can receive notifications and messages from devices and reply to them on the band. You can also have onboard music storage and use the band to stream music from the band. The better connectivity comes with GPS connectivity and a Bluetooth version that is compatible with most modern devices.

Health trackers

There are a number of health trackers that you can use with the band. There are many modes that you can use and different tracking data that you can tap into. For example, the Xiaomi band 7 offers you 120 fitness modes and Continuous SpO2 tracking. The band will give you alerts like low blood oxygen level alerts. The band also comes with a sleep tracking feature that helps you track sleep patterns and cultivate healthy sleep patterns.

The fitness band also offers suggestions for breathing exercises and fitness exercises that help you improve your health and complete well-being. Stress monitoring is also a feature that the band comes with that helps track stress symbols and patterns at a crucial time. The band can be customized for the users as it can be used to enable female health tracking mode for female wearers.

Water resistance

The Xiaomi Band 7 comes with a water resistance feature so that you can wear it in any weather or intense activity. Water resistance is an improvement from other bands in the series and can be great for outdoor activities.

Apart from these features, the Mi band 7 is easy to use with app compatibility for the Mi Fitness App and Zepp Life App so that you can amplify your fitness regime with the help of such apps. The connectivity, compatibility, and ease of use with the Mi band 7 are significant advantages for fitness enthusiasts who want better fitness bands and wearable devices for themselves.

The Mi band 7 can truly be your fitness assistant and provide you with the best fitness suggestions and data for your regime. You can use the band in any weather condition and for multiple purposes. You can even use the band as an entertainment station when you work out.

The Mi band 7 has been released in Spain, France, and Germany, and you can buy the gadget at the nearest store. You can also go to Hekka for more information on the Mi band 7 and similar gadgets.