Is Hekka an Online Shopping Website or an APP? From now on… both!

Hekka is an Online Shopping Website and APP

Originally born as an online shopping website… now grown into an APP! Starting this month, Hekka users will also be able to have an even better and easier shopping experience with unique new, creative features. At first stage, the Hekka App is bringing an exclusive electronics Mystery Box, where users can choose, among a range of options, a pack to be virtually unboxed. Surely, it makes the entire online shopping process more fun and exciting for everyone, without the downside of winning a product that’s not needed.

All prizes are worth up to ten times as much as the chosen box’s value, whose price varies from $0.99 up to $139.99 (special offers applied)! Smartphones, smart watches, electric scooters are some of the rewards users can get, as well as popular products such as game consoles, bluetooth wireless mouse, selfie sticks and more! Additionally, on Hekka APP, the users will be able to exchange, purchase and use Hekka’s Coins, which can always be used whenever you find something catchy.

Download the Hekka App NOW, tons of surprises waiting for you!

The App will also sell, in the near future, everything presented on Hekka, from clothing and electronics, to home appliances and pet supplies. Did you know that, since its launch, 10MI was already invested in the platform? All to build an inclusive and trustworthy shopping platform that brings products at affordable prices, for everyone! The Hekka mobile APP is available for download on both iOS and Android. Early bird subscribers are eligible for exclusive offers.

Exploring Hekka’s new App!

Expansion Plans

Hekka has already partnered up with many other marketplaces, such as Amazon, the french platform CDiscount and it keeps expanding, in search of fulfilling Hekka’s long-time mission in new product areas! At Hekka, customers are able to find a large number of official electronic brands such as Xiaomi at fair prices and also a variety of garments from exclusive East/Southeast Asian fashion outlets.

Hekka App Online Shopping
Hekka APP, Online Shopping Stores

The company has also recently introduced, at New York Fashion Week 2022, its new fashion collection alongside its partner Uplive, the popular live social platform also launched by Asia Innovations Group (AIG). Making fashion accessible to all, during NYFW, Hekka showcased its concept of high-end comfort paired with high tech and inspiring styles. Invited celebrity guests as the Canadian-South African model Maye Musk, Arci Muñoz, Jacquees and others could follow up, first hand, on how the company embraces inclusivity and accessibility, bringing more approachable styles to people around the world, leveraging a network of creators, wide supply chains and new tech. Would love to learn more? CLICK HERE to follow up all cool trends from NYFW!