iPhone 14 vs 13: Which Offers a Better Value in Specs & Price

iphone 14 vs 13

This year, Apple launched its latest iPhone 14 with new features and camera improvements. When it’s compared with its prior model iPhone 13, both sets look and feel the same. But in reality, both models vary from each other by several means.

For example, the chip that powers iPhone 14’s processor has one extra GPU core than the iPhone 13. This extra addition ensures high-quality graphics and an outstanding display.

Just like that, the iPhone models differ from each other as per battery life, audio, video, and other aspects. Read below to learn more about Apple iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13. In case you’re considering between iPhone 14 vs. 11, check out this feature-by-feature comparison.

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iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13: Common Specs & Differences

iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13 Price

With the launch of the new iPhone model, there is no doubt that the cost of the iPhone 13 has decreased. While the iPhone 14 starts at $799, the price of the iPhone 13 has dropped to $699. If you’re lucky, you may find some hot deals on flash sale sites for smartphones.

iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13 Colors

There are also changes in the color of these iPhone models. The iPhone 13 was limited to six shades, green, pink, blue, midnight, starlight, and red. However, the iPhone 14 got new color additions, where green and pink got replaced by purple, and red got replaced by a lighter shade of red.

Emergency Services/Safety

Apple upgraded its safety and emergency services with the iPhone 14. The latest model includes the Emergency SOS via satellite and a crash detection feature, which is more advanced than just the Emergency SOS of the iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13 Camera

iPhone 14 has an advanced dual camera system of 12 MP primary (ultrawide) and autofocus on the TrueDepth front camera. Meanwhile, iPhone 13 lacks autofocus and is limited to a 12 MP ultrawide dual-camera system (not advanced). iPhone 14 also has a photonic engine for incredible detail and color in the picture.

Audio and Video Playback

The best thing about iPhone 14 is that it offers video playback of up to 20 hours, which is one hour more than the iPhone 13 (19 hours). Similarly, the streamed video playback of iPhone 14 is 16 hours, again one hour more than iPhone 13.

The audio playback for iPhone 14 has been upgraded to 80 hours, which is 5 hours more than the iPhone 13.


There has also been an impressive change in iPhone 14 sensors, as the model upgraded from the three-axis gyro to the high dynamic range gyro and high-g accelerometer. Although both have proximity sensors, the iPhone 14 offers dual ambient light sensors, which is better than iPhone 13’s ambient light sensor.

Sim Card and Bluetooth

The sim card facility for iPhone 14 is Dual eSim with two active eSIMs that can store eight or more eSIMs. However, iPhone 14 is not compatible with physical SIM cards.

iPhone 13, on the other hand, has two active eSIMs/nano-SIM and eSIM. The Bluetooth for iPhone 14 has been upgraded to 5.3 from 5.0.


iPhone 14 has a front camera with an f/1.9 aperture, whereas iPhone 13 has an f/2.2 aperture.

Also, the iPhone 14 model introduced an action mode for video recording.

This feature ensures that the camera keeps the video stabilized and there isn’t any shakiness whatsoever. You can use this display for situations that involve lots of moving and shaking (like running, walking, etc.)

iPhone 14 also has slightly more depth and weight than the iPhone 13. While the depth and weight of the iPhone 14 are 0.31 inches and 6.07 ounces, iPhone 13 has a depth and weight of 0.30 inches and 6.14 ounces, respectively.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 13: The Right Choice?

Now, you must consider which smartphone you should buy for your next purchase. Well, the answer depends on your preferences. If you want the latest upgraded camera with good security technology, then iPhone 14 is worth the investment. You can also buy it if you need Apple’s biggest iPhone but aren’t a big fan of the Pro Max.

Similarly, if you want a small iPhone model and do not care much about the latest and greatest models of iPhone, then you can go for iPhone 13. It also has multiple color options for brighter shades, which is ideal for GenZ worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Significant Difference Between iPhone 13 and iPhone 14?

Yes. There are some differences between iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models as per their cost, colors, camera, audio, video, sensors, and Bluetooth.

Is iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 the same?

No. iPhone 13 is a different iPhone model that Apple launched in 2021. iPhone 14, on the other hand, was launched this year (2022) at the Apple event.

Should I Upgrade to iPhone 14?

You can upgrade to iPhone 14 if you want to enjoy the new advancements to the former functions of the iPhone 13. Also, if you want a clearer and more high-quality camera, you should upgrade to iPhone 14.

Do the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 need a case?

Of course. Regardless of the iPhone model you buy, it would help if you always secured your iPhone with a case and screen protector. It protects the phone from any damage, even when you face an accident.

Is iPhone 14 waterproof?

Yes. iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max are all water and dust resistant as per IEC standard 60529. The models can be submerged to a depth of 6 meters for about 30 minutes without any issues.

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That’s it. We hope now you know the difference between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13. Make sure to thoroughly go through the features and choose the model that suits your requirements.