Simple Tips for Taking Care of Your Branded Laptop

how to take care of laptop

Whether you are looking to upgrade your laptop, or just prolong the life and quality of the one you are already using, there are a few simple ways to take care of laptop.

Keeping your laptop away from Food and Drink

This might be an obvious one, but it’s something we have all been guilty of – eating and drinking around our laptop. Sometimes this is unavoidable, like when working from a café and balancing your tall caramel latte, note pad, and laptop on the same tiny coffee table.

Other times, it’s perhaps a little more avoidable… (let’s be honest, we’ve all been guilty eating chips and popcorn in bed whilst streaming Serial Killer Documentaries)

Knocking that can of coke over your keyboard is going to be a sticky-situation at best…at worst, it could permanently damage the electronics inside, so it’s important to reduce the exposure to these elements to ensure there is no motherboard meltdown.

Get a new Laptop Case

It’s simple but when investing in a new laptop, it’s prudent to also invest in a good, protective case. Not only do they provide a robustness when you’re on the move and taking laptop place to place, but they can also add character to your trusty computer. At Hekka, we have some great affordable and stylish options that are ideal if you regularly take your laptop to work or school.

Laptop Stands

Overheating is one of the most common causes of laptop failure – especially if you live in a hot climate where the starting temperature are already high. Overheating will cause your fans to work overtime and subsequently slow performance. If the laptop struggles to cool down enough, it may even lead to applications crashing so to reduce heat on the processor. This is easily counteracted with a simple laptop stand, improving airflow around the laptop (particularly important if you are using it on a soft surface, like a cushion or blanket).

Additionally, when using a laptop to work from or for extended periods of time – a laptop stand can be a more ergonomic and allow you to connect additional accessories such as keyboards or a mouse whilst having a screen that is heigh adjustable too. Your eyes and neck will thank you!

Regularly Restarting and Shutting Down

This is one the IT technicians constantly preach (but we don’t necessarily listen to as much as we should). Periodically restarting or shutting down your laptop improves RAM in the short term, clearing it and allowing it to begin its task afresh. Programs will run faster and smoother as the overall power consumption is reduced. However, these benefits are not just short term, it can also significantly help improve long term battery life, and therefore the durability of your laptop. Our IT colleagues give this solution two thumbs up!

Screen and keyboard protectors

When your friend or colleague wants to borrow your laptop, or view something on the screen from over your shoulder – one of the most embarrassing things is having a smudged and dirty screen, covered in fingerprints. A lot of time this is somewhat unavoidable – as you close the screen, the oil and grime from typing all day on the keyboard can transfer onto the screen and give it that smudged image.

You could avoid this altogether, by using a Bluetooth keyboard that connects wirelessly and prevents you from transferring dirt via your keyboard to the screen. If you’re on the move, this foldable mini-keyboard is also a great option.

In any case, we also have cleaning tools and equipment that can be used (we recommend at least twice a week) to keep things dust free. We recommend this compact and portable desktop cleaner from Baseus.

Consider Additional Storage

Finally, one way of helping maintain speed on your laptop is to reduce the memory requirements by purchasing extra storage. This is great if you have a collection of movies, song libraries, or large files that you are not accessing on a daily basis and can keep on a separate hard drive from your laptop’s. There are various options for this, ranging from finger sized, flash drive USB disks, to larger storage portable hard drives.

Laptops are an essential part of our lives. They allow us to work remotely, provide entertainment, and make it possible for us to stay connected with friends and family. But laptops also have a tendency to break down if we don’t take care of them. Hope the above tips on how to take care of laptop will help you a lot!