Hekka x Uplive Present Spectacular Runway For Miami Swim Week 2022

miami fashion week 2022

Another huge success for Hekka and Uplive, by having sister company Uplive’s massive support and collaboration, Hekka earned itself with a round of applause for delivering an amazing swimwear fashion show for Miami Swim Week 2022.

On July 17th, the second collaboration between Hekka and Uplive, following the roaring success of their joint activity for New York Fashion Week in February. As mentioned in the teaser, Hekka was expecting approximately 1.6 billion impressions across social channels from over 20,000 stakeholders, and it can be proudly announced that Hekka has reached its goal.

During the event, Hekka brought over 200 amazing leading brands, showing an amount of stylish, comfortable and affordable swimwear and pool-side apparel. Meanwhile, the launch of “Style de Vie”, a capsule collection of 25 must-have swimwear and accessories for the beach, marks Hekka’s new attempt at offering versatile designs with innovation and sustainability to the market. Hekka devoted itself to reviving customers’ summer wardrobes and elevating their holiday looks in Miami.

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What’s more, Hekka was actively sharing the latest news and info via its official social platforms, including event warm-up, D-Day countdown, influencers reposts, backstage glimpse and the runway show. Hekka officials gained more than 1.7 million impressions – an absolutely powerful boost towards its own social media.

Hekka demonstrated all of its creativity while focusing on natural designs, eco-friendly materials, and distinctive craftsmanship. Therefore, the fact that Hekka will continuously thrive for its inclusivity, uniqueness and diversity is considered promising in the future. Find more and shop for Miami Swim Week 2022 Hekka “Style de Vie” collection here.