A Comprehensive Guide To Shopping On Hekka Online Marketplace

hekka shopping

Since the advent of technology and the internet, much has changed about our lifestyle. From our communication systems, advancing from post to emails to instant messaging, to our means of transportation, with even MAGLEV trains operating now, there’s no denying that a new age of innovation is well established.

One core aspect of our lives that has experienced total transformation due to the internet is our approach to shopping. Unlike before, we can now shop for everything we need, including foodstuffs, wears, electronics, and more, without stepping out of our homes. And with the sophisticated logistics that E-commerce companies put in place, timely and intact delivery of items are a no-brainer.

E-commerce sophistication is ever advancing, while its establishment as part of our lives is expanding. Already in South and Southeast Asia, it’s almost default to shop online for literally ANYTHING, with delivery rates within countries being insanely fast. For the rest of the world this is also a growing reality.

With online shopping, no more spending long hours in a queue or worrying about a tight schedule as you can now shop everything with the smart device in the palm of your hand. Today, hundreds of thousands of businesses across various niches have tapped into the opportunities provided by the internet to connect with their potential customers and complete sales, all online. And, one of the leading E-commerce stores helping people fulfill their shopping needs far and near is Hekka.

Perhaps you heard about Hekka from a friend who shopped their latest smartphone in magical price on the platform, or you simply saw a catchy ad that kept you wondering how you can take advantage of this online shopping platform.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of shopping on the Hekka online marketplace. Indeed, online shopping has never been more effortless.

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But first: What does Hekka even mean?

Inspired by the Ancient Egyptian God of Magic Heka, this Singapore based online marketplace wants to bring back magic to your online shopping, by harnessing Asia’s latest tech, innovative e-commerce methods and reliable supply chains. At the same time, online shopping itself is pretty much a modern-day “magic”, at least it would be to the Ancient Egyptians. As mentioned earlier, tech and internet have brought amazing changes into our lives, and perhaps Hekka aspires to share this with more and more people.

About Hekka: https://hekka.com/support/company-info

Perhaps you’re wondering why should you go shopping on Hekka, or how to jump-start your shopping journey? Well, here’s a quick guide:

Step 1: Click on to the website

The first thing you must do to enjoy Hekka online shopping platform is to log on to hekka.com. Whether you’re browsing from a desktop computer or a smartphone, the platform is designed responsively to suit your device.

Step 2: Locate your preferred product

If you already have specific products you’re looking for, you can immediately punch in the name in the search bar. Simply hit the search icon that looks like a magnifying glass and type in the name of the item you want. For instance, if you are looking for a mobile phone, you only need to type in the relevant keyword, and you will be presented with a list of products that match your search.

Alternatively, if you want to see a broader range of products under a specific category, you could click on the category instead of searching directly.

On mobile or desktop

If you’re on mobile or desktop, click on the three-bar icon at the top-right corner, and you’d see a list of the categories. They include:

Many of these categories will also have subcategories, so you want to make sure you follow through until you reach your desired product.

For example, when you click on the “Clothing” category, you’d get subcategories featuring:

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Outerwears
  • Bottoms
  • Swimwears

Step 3: Add to cart

Once you find the product(s) you’d like to shop for, the next thing is to add it (or them) to the cart. You can either click on the product to read more about its specifications and other necessary details or click on the “add to cart” icon right on top of the product image.

If you’d like to shop multiple items, you’re better off adding them to the cart with the “add to cart” icon. If you want a single product, you can simply click on it to read more and complete the purchase.

Suppose you want a single product such as a vacation dress; click on the dress image you’d see additional information alongside two large buttons; “ADD TO BAG and “BUY NOW” buttons.

If you’re buying only that item, select the “BUY NOW” option. You may also want more than one quantity of the same item, simply select the quantity dropdown menu, and you’d be presented with numbers from 1 to 10+ to select from.

It’s worth mentioning that if you want to view the items in your cart at any time, simply click on the cart icon at the mid-right of your screen. You will normally be able to differentiate between this icon and other similar icons by the number it carries. When you have already added items to your cart, this icon will carry or highlight the number of items added so far. On the other hand, other cart icons will simply carry a plus sign which indicates “add this item to cart.”

Step 4: Proceed to checkout.

After clicking on “buy it now,” it’s time to input your details for checkout. You can either choose to use the express checkout option or fill out the empty spaces in the form provided below the box.

You will need to supply your contact information and shipping address to help deliver your item right to your doorstep.

The shipping address details include

  • Country or region
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Apartment, suite, etc
  • City
  • State
  • Postal code
  • Phone

Filled them out? Great! It’s time to click on “continue to shipping.” After clicking on “continue to shipping,” the information you supplied will be displayed alongside a large “continue to payment” button. Click on the button and complete the payment process. Done that? Perfect!

Step 5: Relax and expect your package

As soon as you complete all the steps above, all you need to do is sit back and relax as your package is already on its way to your doorstep. Simply make yourself available on the delivery date with the necessary identification document, and you’d receive your item from the dispatch rider.

Voila! That’s how easy it is to shop on Hekka online marketplace from anywhere you are!

After-purchase follow-up

Order Tracking

Soon after you complete your order you will receive an email (or SMS depending on what you chose as contact method) with the order confirmation and tracking code will soon follow. This way you can track your package and order, on http://www.track718.com/ or https://www.track718.us

Customer Service

Hekka’s online support is actually customer centric. They respond fast and try to resolve your issue as best as they can. You can find them in this link: https://hekka.com/support/contact-us and you can also find answers to a lot of frequently asked questions regarding your order or problems you may face, in their FAQ page: https://hekka.com/support/faq

It’s recommended to contact via email or their social media, as the phone number is due to cross-country fee charges.

Shipping and Delivery:

Their typical processing time is 3-5 business days, common for many online shopping platforms. Of course, due to Covid-19 restrictions, there’s bound to be changes, something that has affected everyone’s online shopping to be honest.

Shipping Time & Fees

United States:

Standard Shipping (7-25 business days) – $9.99 (Orders $0.00 to $99)

Standard Shipping (7-25 business days)- Free (Orders Over $99)

Rest of the world (240 countries and regions):

Flat Rate Shipping(10-28 business days) – $9.99 (Orders $0.00 to $99)

Flat Rate Shipping(10-28 business days) – Free (Orders Over $99)

Return – Refund -Warranty

When shopping online, uncertainty is bound to make you doubt your decision. It happens to everyone. It’s not like you can virtually try on your clothes or check on the features of the product you’re buying. However, virtual try-outs are used in a variety of websites more and more, and Hekka is planning to have these type of immersive options available in the near future, for better shopping experience.

For now, we all have to rely on a good Return and Refund policy as well as a purchase Warranty, to make sure our money is well-spent. You can easily find Hekka’s policies in the corresponding pages on the website’s footer, but here’s a short summary:

You can return any product provided it’s in “good-as-new” condition, within 14 days!

That means you have about half a month to determine if your product is problematic, if it’s actually useful to you, or that you haven’t changed your mind about it. The main condition is that you haven’t worn it in any way. It’s highly recommended that if any of your electronics products have an issue, do not try to fix them by yourself, don’t take them to an expert and don’t try to physically open the device and unscrew any screws, as this can be cause for a rejected return or refund application.

The return and refund process is simple by the way: Send an email request with the appropriate subject, wait for the response, follow the customer service’s guidelines and you should be fine!

45-Day Warranty

Hekka actually provides a good warranty, that allows return or exchange within 45 days, under certain conditions that you can find here.

Overall, for a young and work-in-progress platform, Hekka website is straightforward and relatively easy to use. You can find answers to most questions in the website, without having to ask, and you can find a large variety of products in competitive prices. Given the reasonable warranty they are offering, it’s worth giving it a shot!

Hopefully we’ve covered most of the useful information about shopping on hekka.com.