2022 Hottest Halloween Costumes, Slay the Day!

hot halloween costumes 2022

Halloween is knocking again! Are you fully prepared? No worries, Here’re some

Halloween Items and Costumes Inspirations for you! 😊

Zombie Bride

To be a zombie bride, first of all, you need to paint your face white or black to adapt to the zombie concept. Looking pale is the key! You could also spill a little ‘blood’ on a wedding dress to get the real corpse bride look.

Zombie Bride

Creepy Doll

A creepy doll costume is one of the great ideas to dress up with your besties. You can have your outfits in similar colors; if not, have the same color accessories. For instance, wearing the same color ribbons indicates you are from the same ‘family.’ Gothic and Victorian are both popular styles on Halloween.

Creepy Doll

Charming Witch

If you just want to stay simple, here is what we have – a witch look for you. Just need a black suit and a witch hat along with the most important halloween element, pumpkin color eyeshadow, lipstick, nail, earrings and boots.

Charming Witch
Charming Earrings

Kids Cute Mummys/Ghosts/Skeletons/Devils

Besides those ‘real horrible’ makeup and styles, we have some cute ideas for your kids to balance the horror. Most importantly, the mummy and ghost looks are easy to complete.

If mummies and ghosts cannot satisfy little girls, some red devils and witches can also be spotted on Halloween!

Kids Cute Mummys
Kids Cute Ghosts
Kids Cute Skeletons
Kids Cute Devils

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Okay, the above is all about costume ideas. We do have some other Halloween tips to share with you:

A House Party Plan – Adults Version

Who says adults cannot drop a Halloween party? From spooky cocktails to elegant party decor, holding an adult version party should be even more fun.

For instance, DIY bloody handprints are a way to create a “crime scene” of a murder-mystery party. And where to place these blood prints? Shower curtains for a Psycho movie vibe, and mirrors, of course. You could also make some reusable window cling decorations for the blood occasion.

Besides some visual decors, Halloween food and desserts are also a must at a party. The first thought that popped into my mind was a poisoned Apple. Easy to buy and iconic. A plate of deviled eggs is a nice idea too.

Oh! Don’t forget to pick a Halloween music playlist or movie marathon! “E.T” by Katy Perry, “Disturbia” by Rihanna, and “Monster” by Lady Gaga are all on top of my Halloween playlist!

Outdoor activities

Trick or Treat event is a 100% MUST-do on Halloween. Please invite your friends and family, find a neighborhood that looks most Halloween-prepared and knock on their doors to get your candies!

Visiting a pumpkin patch could be one of the options too. Look for an insta-worthy spot, and take a series of Halloween photos with your friends. Make your costumes and makeup worth it!

We hope you like our Halloween ideas and advice! Happy Halloween!