Cool Facts about Hekka

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Hekka is a marketplace that features a broad range of products and is emerging as a leader in the consumer electronics and the real-time fashion industry. With cutting-edge technology and a vibrant online community, Hekka provides a great buying experience for its app and website users. So let’s look closer at what Hekka represents!

About Hekka:

1. Heka, the ancient God

Interestingly, the Hekka brand name comes from the ancient Egyptians, who wrote the word ‘Heka’ in hieroglyphics and ascribed cultural significance to the ancient Egyptian God of magic and medicine. With such inspiration, Hekka provides a magical experience for its users.

2. Hekka is global

Hekka has warehouses in the USA and EU, facilitating the delivery to its global markets. You may also find few of our products sold on other platforms such as Amazon Global and the French CDiscount, too. At present, the brand sells a range of consumer electronics (3C) and fashion products while preparing to expand its range into a number of lifestyle product categories, moving towards becoming the next generation influential marketplace. To make that happen, each Hekka member concentrates their efforts on developing a stable platform and a robust ecosystem, comprising strong capabilities in sourcing and fulfilment centres to achieve the needs and expectations of our customers.

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Hekka EU warehouse

3. Hekka is affordable

Hekka aims to be customer-centric and strong inclusive, bringing products to a broader range of audiences at a fair price. While the prices are reasonable, our platform will also grant our customers an enjoyable shopping experience and ample choice of products, as well as convenient and transparent after-sales service.

4. Humble, but bold

At present, Hekka is integrated and progressing in the direction of other huge marketplaces, in an effort to constantly discover innovative approaches to provide better products and services to customers. Hekka combines its solid foundations with a customer-centricity in mind, looking forward to standing out in this fierce competition and demonstrating the potential to outperform other cross-border platforms.

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