Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100 from Top Picks on the Market

best wireless earbuds under $100

It is sales season, and has gathered the best wireless earbuds under $100 with elegant designs and features at amazing discounts.

Are you ready?

Wireless earbuds are expensive, but with massive discounts expected at on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this is the best time to finally get the best wireless earbuds of your dreams. The accessory market is bombarded with eye-catching designs and excellent features. The question is which one is the best for you.

While design, style, and efficiency play a crucial part in choosing the best wireless earbuds, noise cancellation, sound quality, battery life, charge duration, and durability are also vital criteria for everyone looking to splurge on earbuds.

If you are looking for the perfect wireless earbuds for whatever reason – listening to music, exercising, or inline meetings, these are some of the best Hekka wireless earbuds lists we love for their simplicity, functionality, and features.

The best wireless Earbuds from Hekka 2022

KZ EDX PRO Dynamic Earbuds

Best Ultra Cheap Wireless Earbuds

$14.99 $18.99 21.06% OFF


The KZ EDX PRO has an elegant design, but its sound quality and noise cancellation feature are second to none. Although cheap, its new design is sexier, flawless, and perfect for any occasion.

With four upgrades done – the appearance, configuration, cable, and interface, the KZ EDX PRO has all the fundamentals of top-notch earbuds. Its upgraded design has added a fresh twist, making them stylish and sleek. So whether you want funky or corporate, they are just right. Aside from design, the KZ EDX PRO is a nicely balanced piece with impeccable noise cancellation features, sound clarity, comfort, and battery life.

The ear hook, lightweight and comfortable wireless earbuds are available in three vibrant colors, including cyan, black, and crystal, and come with a detachable cable, easy-to-use buttons, and the best price ever for premium quality earbuds like the KZ EDX PRO.

Soundcore by Anker Liberty 3 Pro

Best Expensive Wireless Earbuds

$129.99 $152.99 15.03% off

Promo code: ANKER3PRO

With the recommendation of 20 Grammy-winning producers, the Anker Liberty 3 Pro has the best cancellation features. Furthermore, its smaller design, ergonomic shape, and IPX4 rating cannot be overlooked.

Although they are expensive, they are worth every dime. Not only are they soft on the skin, comfortable, and warm, but they offer incredible sound quality and noise cancellation and come with HearID ANC. This feature allows the earbuds to analyze your ear pressure and create the perfect noise cancellation level to reduce external noise that suits your ears.

However, with 8 hours of battery time and coaxial driver technology, it accurately balances high and low frequencies to filter the sound that goes into your ears. Additionally, buyers can enjoy 4 different colors and extensive features for any environment.

HONOR Earbuds 2 Lite Global Version Bluetooth 5.2 TWS Earphones

Best Mid-Range Priced Wireless Earbuds

$50.99 $60.99 16.40% Off

Promo Code: AFF$10V$29

If you want great wireless earbuds at a moderate price, HONOR 2 Lite is the perfect piece. With their visual similarity to the Airpods Pro, the sound quality, noise cancellation, and IPX4 rating are a few reasons you need them.

Although it can be uncomfortable when it stays too long in your ears, these wireless earbuds offer you 10 hours of music playback, 32 hours of battery life, and 10 minutes of full recharge. HONOR 2 Lite is lightweight and has low latency for online gamers. Its deep, rich, and crystal-clear sound ensures you hear every detail.

Furthermore, HONOR 2 Lite’s easy-to-use touch feature allows you to tap or hold to play, talk or set up noise reduction features. It is smooth and offers more than the average wireless earbuds without breaking the bank.

QCY T17 Earphone Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds BT5.1

Best Affordable Wireless Earbuds

$21.99 $26.99 18.53% off

Promo Code: HekkaQCYT17

Super affordable but comfortable, cute, and crystal-clear with a long battery life, the QCY T17 is another amazing pair of wireless earbuds, and if you want something cheap but good, they tick all the boxes.

Whether you are watching a movie, listening to music, or playing your favorite game, sound and synchronization are prerequisites. The QCY T17 allows for a seamless connection, producing impeccable audio quality for Android and iPhone users.

These portable wireless earbuds have a rounded ergonomic design that sits snuggly in your ears and a rubber fin to keep them in place, capturing all the good sound while locking away external interference. With almost 8 hours on a single charge, these pieces are touch-controlled with 26 hours of case charge time.

Although the QCY T17 is not waterproof, it will survive light rain because it does not have any microphone opening on the surface.

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition Bluetooth 5.2 Earphones

Best Wireless Earbuds for Voice Calls and Gamers

$25.99 $35.99 27.79% off

Promo Code: HEKKA29-10

Xiaomi has created a unique ‘cat ear’ ergonomic design, giving the earbuds a snuggly fit. These active noise cancellation and outstanding sound clarity pairs have an IPX54 rating and are the cutest for calls and gaming alike.

Xiaomi outstanding sound clarity and noise cancellation for the call are brought to life by its 6mm dynamic drivers and anti-interference technology, which help extract human voice and lockout background noise, giving you impeccable clarity.

Additionally, the ergonomic cat ear design soft ear tips make for the perfect acoustic seal for high-resolution sound for calls and gaming, even to the faintest sound. Finally, it provides 5 hours of playtime, 18 hours of battery life, and touch control action.

If you want something different in a wireless earbuds, check out these incredible hot selling wireless earbuds deals on Hekka.

Lenovo GM3 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Fantastic gaming earbuds from Lenovo with low latency, long battery and exceptional sound clarity and sound.

Coupon Code: Hekkacode10

Discounted price: $27.99

M10 TWS Wireless Headphones

Flawless connection and compatibility with Android and iPhone with impeccable sound and noise cancelation.

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Discounted price: Visit website for more information

HONOR Earbuds 2 Lite Global Version Bluetooth 5.2 TWS Earphones

An elegant wireless earbuds with three-time payment plan.

Coupon Code: AFF$10V$29

Discounted price: $50.99