Best Portable Power Stations You Can Get in Summer 2022!

best portable power station

At first, portable power stations were simple, large power banks that you could plug things into and get power from. But now, they have more utility with various types of USB ports, solar panel inputs, wireless charging and much more. Some even allow you to connect devices together to get more power. Not only are they connected to your home setup, but they also provide emergency backup power under various medical and other settings.

NOVOO Portable Power Generator

novoo 230wh power station
novoo 230wh power station

These novoo 230wh power station are harmless to your equipment and are designed with isolated lithium-ion circuits to provide high-quality AC power with high efficiency, low losses and high technical requirements. At the same time, we are using more and more electronic devices in our daily lives, and the need to keep them powered and online is increasing. This can be difficult when you don’t have access to grid power. Hekka’s portable power generator features 230WH, a large capacity for AC and DC adapters, car chargers, and more. It is suitable for your tablet, smartphone, electric guitar, mini fan and other devices.

NOVOO external battery

If you want to choose a lighter and more convenient charger, then this 22,500mAh capacity might be more appropriate for you! The NOVOO Portable laptop charger also has an 18W USB port, and a 30W PD Type-C port. Thus, whether your device needs AC power from a wall outlet or DC power from USB-C or USB-A, the NOVOO portable charger has you covered. Especially when you use PD charging will be more efficient, only 3.2 hours to fully charge, almost 3 times more than ordinary portable chargers.

NOVOO Portable Electric Generator

Portable Electric Generator
Portable Electric Generator

If you need a more comprehensive and advanced mobile power device, the EU NOVOO portable generator with 296Wh and 80,000mAh is an excellent choice on your behalf! You have four recharge options, and an LCD display can help you accurately know the power. Meanwhile, the large battery capacity allows you to fully charge your phone 15 times, the laptop four times, the digital camera 30 times, etc. In addition, our products feature a comprehensive battery management system to monitor and protect your equipment from potential risks such as overload, low voltage, over or under temperature, short circuit and over current. Finally, LED light is also one of the features of this product.


NOVOO 5-in-1 USB C adapter integrates an advanced chip for more stable output, lower power consumption, faster heat dissipation and more efficient data transfer. It completes and brings a new concept of USB-C adapter. The compact design size (97*29*10mm) of the USB-C hub offers you a better, lighter and more portable practical experience, it does not take up space. Moreover, this product uses sandblasted anodized aluminum housing. NOVOO is able to create an elegant, safer, more durable, efficient and beautiful USB C adapter instead of plastic ones.

Nowadays, our products in the field of portable power stations are still in development. In the future, we hope that our products can provide better help for your every business office or outdoor activities.