Best Fitness Bands for Your Daily Need

best fitness bands

A smartwatch is a wearable device with many smartphone features, such as the ability to make phone calls, send text messages, and have app notifications. However, a smartwatch also has unique features, such as the ability to track fitness data, that make it a valuable tool for managing your health and wellness.

With the release of the Xiaomi Mi and the Honor Watch, the two most prominent players in the smartwatch market have raised the bar for what a smartwatch can be. These devices are more than just digital extensions of your smartphone; they are powerful wearable computers in their own right.

However, only some people need or want a smartwatch to do everything. If you’re looking for a device that will give you some basic information at a glance and maybe offer a few features to help you get through your day, plenty of more affordable options are available.

In this article, we will look at four of the best fitness bands for people who want a basic smartwatch for their daily needs.

Global Version Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro

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Global Version Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro
1.64” AMOLED Curved Screen GPS Blood Oxygen 12Day Battery

The Smart Band 7 Pro has a different design than other Mi Band wearables; it resembles a smartwatch more than a fitness band. A 1.64-inch rectangular AMOLED display with an always-on feature and rated brightness of 500 nits is housed in a plastic body with a metallic finish. The wearable is 5ATM water-resistant, so you can swim with it if you don’t go deeper than 50 meters underwater. You can customize the Band’s display with over 150 watch faces. The Smart Band 7 Pro features a PPG sensor for heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, a 3-axis gyro, a 3-axis accelerometer, and an ambient light sensor.

Stress, female health, and sleep tracking are additional health variables that the wearable can monitor. You can burn fat and strengthen your cardiovascular system with the help of more than 110 workout options, including ten jogging courses. Instead of carrying your phone while running, you can track your run accurately thanks to the Smart Band 7 Pro’s built-in GPS, which sets it apart from the standard Mi Band 7. However, depending on the settings you use, your actual mileage may differ. The best fitness band comes in Black and Ivory, while the strap is available in eight other colors.

Today, marks the beginning of sales for the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro in Germany and other regions of Europe.

Honor Band 6

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Honor Band 6
Heart Rate Stress Monitor 1.47 AMOLED Screen Fitness Bracelet Waterproof

The Honor Band 6 provides comprehensive care for improved health management, making it ideal for health-conscious individuals. The device includes a heart rate sensor as well as blood oxygen level (SO2) tracking. These proved to be reasonably accurate. The Band 6 includes built-in fitness tracking for an enhanced workout experience, as well as ten fitness modes such as outdoor and indoor running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical, rowing, and more… Working as expected once more. It has to be comfortable to wear a watch all day and night, and it is! With the warmer weather finally arriving, we found the fit to be perfect just above that bone that sticks out at your wrist, with no irritation under the watch face and straps. On the first night, you won’t notice you’re wearing a watch. Battery life is also adequate.

We lost 10% per day, so the device needed charging on the tenth day, which was fine with us. We cannot find any information on the battery capacity, but according to the information we received from Honor, the HONOR Band 6 can last up to 14 days under normal usage conditions and ten days under heavy usage conditions on a single charge. We’re not sure what the difference between heavy and typical is because it just sits on your wrist and reads information; we suppose if you light up the display every ten minutes, battery life suffers.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro (CN Version)

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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro (CN Version)

The new smart bracelet from Xiaomi, the Mi Band 7 Pro, is available now! On July 4, the Mi Band 7 Pro wrist wearable from the Chinese tech giant was finally made available in that country. It is a more expensive variation of the Mi Band 7, which debuted earlier this year. In this blog post, we’ll reflect on the most recent version and conduct a thorough analysis to elucidate its capabilities, shortcomings, and untapped potential. You might find the debate useful if you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for a strong fitness tracker on the market right now.

What distinguishes the most recent Mi Band 7 Pro smart wristband from the standard model in terms of a significant update or change? Well, the display architecture of Xiaomi’s new fitness bracelet has seen a significant modification in comparison to both the standard version and the entirety of wearable fitness advances too far. The Chinese company has released more smart wristbands in the same pill-shaped style every year since the debut of its initial Mi Band in 2014.

Additionally, the recognizable pill-shaped Mi Band 7 was introduced. Finally, Xiaomi decided to break with tradition by using a larger rectangular dial rather than the more common pill-shaped one.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

1.62 Inch AMOLED Bluetooth 5.2 With 120 Workout Modes Global Version

Our review unit is Ivory in color, which is an off-white shade. It looks nice when new, but it quickly accumulates grime, particularly on the underside of the casing. The casing is entirely made of plastic, with a shiny metal lip around the display for added style. The wider watchband on the Pro model is a welcome addition, as is the buckle mechanism for a more secure fit, whereas the regular Band 7 has a hook clasp that is difficult to secure and becomes loose over time. The Band 7 Pro weighs 20.5 grams, which is precisely 7 grams more than the Smart Band 7, but it’s still very light and comfortable to wear all day. After a few minutes, you forget it’s on your wrist, though the larger body tends to stick out more when wearing long sleeve shirts than the Smart Band 7. Despite the fact that the casing on the Band 7 Pro is larger, Xiaomi chose not to include any physical buttons, which we believe is a missed opportunity.


The Band 7 Pro has a larger 1.64-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 280 x 456 pixels, a peak brightness of 500 nits, and 2.5D curved glass. When compared to Band, the 326ppi display is 40% sharper and has 40% more horizontal screen real estate.