What is the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home 2023?

best cordless vacuum

Cordless vacuums make tasks fun and efficient. From cordless stick vacuums to Proscenic ‘smart’ cordless vacuum cleaners, chores are definitely pleasant and more effortless. 

At Hekka, we have one of the best cordless vacuum on the market that can tracks the surface types, changes vacuum speed, and suction as you work from one surface to another, and self-cleans itself.

Why do you need a Proscenic cordless vacuum?

Gone are the days when vacuum cleaners had to be connected to a socket. They were good while they lasted, changing from one socket to another when cleaning the home was a chore. Additionally, vacuum cleaners were designed to clean dry surfaces and did not really work on multiple surfaces.

There are many vacuums with incredible features that make house cleaning a breeze. At Hekka, we chose the Proscenic brand because of its vast cleaning capabilities and tools that allow you to clean your home, pets, and hard-to-reach areas.

Cordless vacuums take cleaning worries away, and whether you are cleaning large surfaces like floors or in-between sofas, couches, or car interiors, they are flawless. Now a vacuum is perfect, and Hekka has a massive discount on end-of-year sales, so go and grab yours. 

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So let’s check these smart vacuums out.

Ultenic AC1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

$315.99 $365.99 13.66% Off

Promo Code: HEKKAAC1

Best Multi-purpose Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Thinking of making a worthy investment in cleaning tools? The Ultenic AC1 is everything and more. This stick vacuum is an engineering marvel, with a 200-watt powerful suction system capable of producing up to 25,000 psi at 130,000 revolutions per minute. The best feature is the 8.8-pound weight, which allows for easy movement and cleaning. 

There is more. In addition to the powerful suction, it has a 4-stage filtration system that guarantees 99.9% of dirt, germs, and particles are extracted from the surface. Whether on rugs, carpets, hard floors, tiles or soft surfaces, its ability to automatically switch suction power means effective cleaning every time.

Pet owners will love the Ultenic AC1. As part of the accessories, Ultenic has a smaller hand-held roller brush that enables you to groom your pet. Yes, you heard right. This brush is fitted to a small suction tube (sold separately) that cuts, untangles, and brushes their fine fur. Additionally, it is gentle and quiet to keep your pet calm during the process.

Cleaning Styles

The Ultenic AC1 has two cleaning styles: dry and mop. This allows you to vacuum and mop the floor for a thorough cleaning. However, it is also equipped with a carpet detection mode, which instantly recognizes when you switch surfaces to adjust to the appropriate suction power.

Cleaning modes

The Ultenic AC1 has four modes. They are energy efficient; auto and max are selected from the touch-sensitive LED display screen at the top of the vacuum cleaner. The Auto mode is the default cleaning mode, while the Max mode has a powerful suction level that extracts dirt and debris, as well as embedded pet hair, from surfaces and plush carpets.

The LED Display Screen

As smart home equipment, Ultenic AC1 has a large control touchscreen fitted on their device. It is beautifully designed and legible too. It displays the battery level, suction power (you can choose it how you want it), cleaning modes, and error code reading when cleaning.

Cleaning attachments

Aside from the high-powered stick, Ultenic AC1 added four incredible attachments for satisfactory cleaning. They are:

  • Mini motorized brush that allows you to clean softer surfaces like bed sheets, pillows, duvets, plush carpets, etc. While it does not require heavy suction power, it’s powerful enough to remove all dirt for a healthy and clean home.
  • Round brush for removing dirt from corners, bookshelves, curtain tops, and rails
  • The crevice nozzle is perfect for reaching tight corners and cracks like sofa edges or cleaning your car’s interior.


  • Enjoy 50 minutes of battery time to clean
  • Disposing of dirt and cleaning the rollers are easy
  • Charging is effortless
  • Have LED lights fitted at the edge of the vacuum head to enable you clean dark spaces?
  • Super quiet and comfortable

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Proscenic Washvac F16 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum 3-in-1 Sweep Mop Vacuum Cleaner

$119.99 $139.99 14.29% Off

Promo Code: HEKKAF16

Best flexible Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

If you want more from your vacuum cleaner, Proscenic has something that fits your budget and requirements.

Another powerful innovation that allows you to clean without worry or restriction is the Proscenic F16. Spills are cleaned, sand particles are cleaned, and a mixture of both is cleaned. Its flexible stick allows you to reach hidden areas without sacrificing your cleaning ability.

The F16 cleaning functions

At 2.4 kg, the stick offers the user three cleaning options: it sweeps, mops, and vacuums. The polymer roller brush can soak up liquids and dirt or debris without swapping the cleaning nozzle. Like most Proscenic vacuums, it is perfect for hard, smooth, and soft surfaces, such as carpets, tiles, wood, vinyl, plush carpets, and more.

Cleaning capacity and capability

The Proscenic F16 Washvac has a massive 3300 ml of clean water and 3400 ml of tanks that allow you to clean without the need to refill or drain the water. Additionally, the F16 makes cleaning an impressive task. Its quick-dry action means you can immediately walk over swept and mopped surfaces. 

Are you worried about embedded dirt or pet hair? The F-16 has you covered. It comes with a 250-ml dust capacity strainer that sucks in hair and other dirt to avoid clogging the tank hose.

Runtime and maintenance

Proscenic F16 offers 60 minutes of runtime, long enough to clean everywhere in your home, but the cleaning process is equally effortless. To clean, replace the cleaning stick in the self-cleaning station and press the cleaning button. This automatically removes dirt, debris, and hair from the roller brush until your next cleaning session.


  • Multiple-stage filtration system for total clean
  • Suitable for all floor types and design
  • Smart maintenance system to enable you to monitor its efficiency or understand error codes

Your home deserves the best cleaning tools, and Hekka has some of the best cordless vacuums at rock-bottom prices. For more incredible discounts at Hekka, it is time to know more about us.