Best budget tablets: 4 great value Android and iPadOS options

best budget tablet

Purchasing a best budget tablet might be one of the easiest tasks, especially with so many options and flexible access to online shopping platforms. If you visit any popular online marketplace like Amazon, you will find many brands coming up with interesting Android and iPadOS options for tablets. On the other hand, you have to deal with the problem of variety and the multiple factors involved in testing all tablets that arrive on the market.

At the same time, the cost factor also comes into play when you seek the best tablets in the market. Brands are trying to capitalize on the demand for electronic devices by introducing new features and higher pricing. The following post helps you learn about four of the top options among affordable Android and iPadOS tablets.

Best Budget Tablets for You in 2022

As the search for a reliable tablet within a restricted budget gains momentum, you can find reliable answers with selected picks. Some options among tablets by popular and generic brands could offer conclusive advantages in terms of features while resolving the cost issues. You could find exclusive options among Android tablets and iPads suited to needs of individuals with a limited budget. However, it is also important to check the features of each tablet model before making your decision. Here are some of the best budget Android and iPadOS tablets you would like to try now.

1. Honor Pad 8

Honor Pad 8
12 Inch 2K Eye Protection Screen 128GB Octa-core 8 Speakers 22.5W Super Charging Ultra-thin Tablet

The Honor Pad 8 is one of the most exclusive offerings among tablets with multiple value-based features. In comparison to its price, the Honor Pad 8 serves promising benefits in terms of design and performance. First of all, you would notice the elegant and sleek unibody design refined to finesse with anodized sandblasting technology. With the delicate touch and natural round corners, the tablet feels easy to handle.

On top of it, you wouldn’t want to miss the 12-inch 2K display, which offers a higher visible area. Apart from enriching the visual experience, Honor Pad 8 also features an eight-speaker stereo surround sound system. It also works on intelligent recognition of existing audio environments for switching sound modes.

Another striking feature of the Honor Pad 8 tablet is the Voice Enhancement Algorithm, which makes online meetings more personalized. The new desktop layout of Magic UI 6.1 ensures that you can access multiple features. For example, it makes accessibility for large folders an easy task, alongside offering a brief overview of desktop cards. It also features a multi-screen collaboration feature also enables better collaboration between phone and tablet.

2. Apple iPad 9

Any individual seeking a budget iPad should go for the iPad 9. It offers many valuable advantages along with the perks of being an iPad owner. If you are committed to buying an Apple iPadOS device, then you should try the iPad 9 as it is the best budget option. The screen has a fixed refresh rate and a clunky bezel surrounding the display.

On the other hand, the Retina Display makes up for the setbacks by offering one of the sharpest alternatives that make your viewing experience better. With the support for black levels and higher maximum brightness, it offers an effective choice for watching your favorite shows and movies.

The sturdy build of the Apple iPad 9 also serves as another crucial advantage among budget options. It features an A13 Bionic chip, which is capable of offering decent performance unless you plan on high-end video processing tasks. The iPad 9 also provides access to a wide range of community benefits within the Apple ecosystem.

3. Blackview Tab 13

Blackview Tab 13 is another answer for people seeking budget tablets with assurance for immediate productivity and seamless entertainment. The Tab 13 offers an extension of RAM up to 4 GB and also serves the advantage of TUV Rheinland low blue light certification.

You can find exclusive PC mode operations along with 1080 hours of battery standby. It has been tailored with the exclusive design aesthetics refined with a matte finish along with a durable aluminum alloy back panel. The flat frame, along with the elegant minimalist style, offers an attractive appearance.

Blackview Tab 13 Tablet Pad
10.1” FHD+ Display 6GB 128GB MTK Helio G85 Octa core PC Mode 7280mAh 13MP Camera Android 12

The Blackview Tab 13 also brings the best performance with the MediaTek Helio G85 processor complemented with the Arm Mali-G52 GPU. It can clock up to 1GHz, thereby offering heavy performance for gamers. The in-built MediaTek HyperEngine technology could help in running intensive games.

The OS enhancements in Blackview Tab 13 also deliver plausible growth in efficiency. You can explore features such as smarter pre-loading, refined animations and a cold room. Each of these OS enhancements works to improve app-launching speed and save resources. In addition, it also ensures better protection for your eyes against unwanted damage due to light exposure.

The Blackview Tab 13 tablet is available for pre-order for $159.99, with discount code HekkaTab13 . Delivery should take place by the end of November.

4. Blackview Tab 15

Another budget option among Android tablets would refer to the Blackview Tab 15. It has size at 10.51″. However, it packs a punch in terms of versatility as it could work as a phone, kindle reader and tablet. The Unisoc T610 processor of the tablet serves as a cost-effective alternative.

At the same time, the 128GB memory, alongside flexibility for expanding the memory, gives another value advantage. The screen can work as the perfect HD display with a reader-friendly Grayscale mode for reducing exposure to the screen light. The tablet also gives you a chance to write notes or shape up your creative ideas in different ways.

Blackview Tab 15 Tablet Pad
10.1” FHD+ Display 6GB 128GB MTK Helio G85 Octa core PC Mode 7280mAh 13MP Camera Android 12

The Blackview Tab 15 has maintained a sleek and portable design which makes it easier to carry it on the go. You don’t have to worry about retrieving information when you need the most. Finally, Tab 15 also serves as a great tool for relaxing after work.

The Blackview Tab 15 tablet is available for pre-order for $160.99, with discount code HEKKABVTAB15 . Delivery should take place by the end of November.

Are You Ready to Buy Budget Tablets?

The different entries among the best budget tablets offer promising options for buying one with a reasonable budget. All the value benefits of the features in budget tablets show that you don’t have to compromise on functionality for price. You can find good deals on your favorite tablets on credible online marketplaces. Begin your search for the best affordable tablets with powerful features right now.


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