Best budget-friendly gaming mouse for gamers

best budget gaming mouse

When you need accuracy the most, the greatest touchpad does not lose it. You need a mouse that matches your pace and offers the accuracy you require, whether you are playing fast-paced first-person shooter games, planning precise strategies, or trying to solve a timed puzzle. The best budget gaming mouse provides a solid click, and if you choose to go wireless, it needs to be charged as soon as possible.

You probably still have not found the perfect mouse for you if you favour a controller to a touchpad combination when playing PC games. Your selected genre will undoubtedly play a significant role, but when it comes to speed and accuracy, the computer will always reign supreme. In either case, it is usually a good idea to have a quality gaming mouse on hand as a fallback in case controller stick drift develops.

Fortunately, we’ve tested a lot of mice, so we know which ones can deliver reliable performance while sporting a more attractive price tag. The wired and wireless mice listed below are suitable for gamers of all experience levels and may initially seem straightforward.

1. The Razer Naga Trinity

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Thanks to its interchangeable side panel design, the Razer Naga Trinity is a fantastic, adaptable gaming mouse. You can choose a button arrangement that works well for you, whether you prefer FPS or MMO games. This wired mouse has very little latency, which is fantastic. Additionally, it works with Razer Synapse 3, which enables extensive customization. It won’t be ideal for traveling or if you have smaller hands because it is somewhat bulky. The Naga Trinity, however, is extremely well-built and perfect for gamers that like a wider and taller body.

Outstanding for MMOs, in our opinion. With this mouse, you can opt to get up to 19 customizable buttons, and it has very low latency.


Exceptional game design

• Various button layouts that are customizable.

• A very strong construction

• an outstanding performance.


• It is not advised for little hands.

• Stiff cable.

• Because of its size and need for a wired connection, it is not portable.

2. Raser DeathAdder

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A more economical alternative to the full-sized DeathAdder series seems to be the Razer DeathAdder Essential multiplayer game. It is the same size and form as the more advanced brands and works with practically all hand sizes and grip types, though people with tiny fingers might find it difficult to use a clawed or fingertip grip. It features a small minimum lift-off distance, respectable click latency, and a somewhat reliable sensor. However, the CPI range isn’t particularly large, and you can only change the CPI in steps of 100. However, the mouse is rather hefty, has a stiff braided wire, and only has green lights.

Our Finding

For FPS gaming, the Razer DeathAdder Basic is a solid choice. Even though it boasts a low minimum CPI, a short lift-off distance, and acceptable click latency, some gamers might not find it to be sufficiently responsive. Individuals with small hands could find it difficult to use claws or fingertip grasps, but it feels good and is acceptable for practically all hand sizes. Unfortunately, it’s not very flexible and is a little heavy.


It feels sturdy.

· Low minimum lift-off distance

· Almost all hand sizes and grip styles are supported

3. Razor Lancehead

The design is attractive and ambidextrous.

– No observable transmission dropouts and excellent sensor performance.

– Five saved DPI settings and an unlimited number of game-specific profiles.

– Acceleration assistance.

– Set a bedtime alarm.

The Razer Lancehead’s laser sensor is incredibly accurate and provides a stable wireless experience. This is one of the top wireless gaming mice available, however, the software could use some improvements. But the brand-new Lancehead wireless mouse from Razer promises 100% transmission stability. The main selling factors for Razer in this situation are what is referred to it as “the world’s finest precise laser sensor.”

The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition provides you with the undeniable benefit of having the fastest sensors in the world thanks to its esports-grade optical sensor, which features genuine 16,000 DPI and real track at 450 Inches Per Second (IPS). With a Precision Accuracy of 99.4%, this amazing mouse sensor destroys the competition so you can deliver more lethal punches with pinpoint accuracy.

4. Logitech Triathlon M720

For workplace use, the Logitech M720 Triathlon wireless mouse is fantastic. Its ergonomic design and thumb rest should make using it for extended periods very comfortable. With a few small colour variations, it resembles a Logitech Precision Pro virtually exactly. When used with a hand or claw grip, it may seem a little too small for extra-large and large hands, but when used with a fingertip grasp, it is appropriate for all hand sizes. Using Bluetooth and also its USB receiver, you may connect this with three devices simultaneously, and its additional side button makes switching between them simple. . Additionally, it runs well on both macOS and Windows. While its mouse latency, CPI range, and frequency questioning rate are inadequate for multiplayer games, they ought to be adequate for routine, unimportant chores.

Our Finding

The Logitech M720 is indeed a great computer for business. With its superb construction, ergonomic design, and thumb rest, it should feel very comfortable like most group sizes during extended use. It includes a good number of configurable buttons in addition to appealing features like multi-device pairing, limitless scrolling, and gesture controls.


– It seems to be both reliable and cosy.

– Pairing across several devices;

– Full compatibility between Windows and macOS.

– Infinite scrolling and gesture controls.


The PMW3327 Dual Engine inside the MOTO SPEED V100 controller provides endless smoothness while you play the game. It has optically LOD dual sensors which can track the suspension’s height. It is intended for gamers who seek an unrestricted definition of the response’s height and extremely precise tracking. Mota Speed combines optical LOD sensors with PMW3327 True 1-to-1 tracking to completely minimize frame dropouts and deliver what gamers seek!

The CPI resolution of its sensor switches to 200 CPI as soon as the sniper key on the MOTO SPEED V100 mouse is depressed. Whenever the sniper key is released, the sensor returns to its regular CPI resolution. Anytime, anywhere, let the gun of fire create your indestructible legend.

6. The Razer Orochi V2

It’s hard to beat the Razer Orochi V2 as a wireless gaming mouse. Although it may also be used by smaller hands with a clawed or palm grip, it is best for large or medium-sized hands utilizing a fingertip grip because it is lightweight and feels well-built. It uses one AA or AAA battery and communicates wirelessly through Bluetooth or its USB receiver. Additionally, it has a very short minimum lift-off distance, a wide range CPI that can be adjusted in denominations of 100, and a very low click latency. On their website, Razer also sells an assorted variety of top coverings for this mouse.

The Razer Orochi V2 is a fantastic FPS gaming mouse. Although we advise utilizing the USB transmitter for maximum performance, it is inexpensive, looks well-built, and has an incredibly low click latency. For large and large hands, it’s perfect for a fingertip grip; for tiny hands, it’s perfect for alternative grip styles. Additionally, it boasts a low minimum lift-off distance, a CPI with a large range you may change by increments of 100, and mouse feet that glide very smoothly across mousepads.


· Excellent click latency, 

· Lightweight, 

· Solid build.