Taking Control of Your Health with the Best Budget Fitness Trackers

best budget fitness tracker

So how well did you do with your fitness in 2022?

Did you get it right? If not, you have another chance in 2023 and a fitness tracker is the best way to monitor your progress, health, and well-being effectively. However, fitness trackers are expensive, and the big names can sound intimidating, but Hekka has piled an elegant and functional collection of the best budget fitness tracker to help you achieve that dream.

Why you need a fitness tracker

Over the years, the increasing demand for personal wellness and health has made fitness trackers affordable and accessible. Additionally, these smartwatches are more than a band on your wrist. They are filled with robust features that enable you to monitor your sleep, heartbeat, steps, and even blood pressure.

So what should you look for in a fitness tracker? Whether expensive or affordable, battery life, screen size, usability, intuitiveness, design, and other in-built features make your fitness program successful.

As mentioned, Hekka has a beautiful compilation. Below are some of them.

If you are ready, let’s move!

Global Version Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro 1.64” with AMOLED Curved Screen 

Best New Look budget fitness tracker

$70.99 $91.99 22.83% Off

Promo Code: HEKKA7PRO

If you like working out without the extra weight hanging around your wrist, then this sleek, elegant, and lightweight (20.5 grams) fitness tracker will check all the boxes. Xiaomi has taken the design of this tracker up a notch. It has a 1.64-inch-wide, colored AMOLED screen with impeccable clarity, whether as a tracker or a regular wristwatch.

However, there is more. In addition to the 2.5-degree curved glass, customize your fitness watch to fit your moods with its adjustable and detachable silicon straps of varied colors.

Why we love

This is the best fitness companion tracker for anyone looking to diversify their exercise plan and be guided. With over 110 activities, the Xiaomi fitness tracker’s memory is large enough to record all your activities for a month.

Monitor your health ratings; including steps, sleep, blood oxygen, heart rate, stress monitor, phone finder, and easy compatibility with other devices like your phone, and Amazon

A 12-day battery life ensures that you never miss a day due to a low charge.

It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

LOKMAT ATTACK Full Touch Screen Fitness Tracker for Men

$39.99 $43.99 22.73% Off

Promo Code: Hekka29-10

Best Budget fitness tracker for heavy duty activities

The Lokmat Attack fitness tracker watch is built for tough terrain and heavy-duty sports enthusiasts.

Its engaging, intuitive interface allows the user to start on their fitness journey, keeps records, and monitors their progress efficiently. If you are worried about getting wet or sweat entering the watch and damaging it, do not. Its IP68 waterproof and dustproof features make it easy to adapt to all weather and environmental conditions.

Why we love

It is a great fitness tracker for indoor and outdoor sports activities, with a large 1.28-inch touchscreen to view your exercise data or adjust the settings for a new plan. Additionally, this multi-functional sports watch will automatically monitor and record your blood pressure, heart rate, sleep data, and oxygen level, enabling you to keep a keen eye on your health and well-being.

Other features are:

  • Exceptional battery life of 15 days
  • Easy-to-use reminder options
  • Camera, music, weather forecast, drink-water reminder, and alarm clock
  • Ability to call or connect to social media, so you never miss a moment
  • Connects with android and iOS phones

Mibro A1 Global Version Watch 5ATM Waterproof Fitness

Best Lightweight Fitness Tracker to stay fit

$33.99 $51.99 34.62% Off

Promo Code: HEKKAA1

If you are not a freak about exercising but want to track and monitor your health, the lightweight, sleek, and elegant Mibro A1 global version will enable you to do just that.

With this Smartwatch, you can do all kinds of simple outdoor and indoor activities and gradually build a consistent fitness plan to keep you fit.

Why we love it

The sleek and slim design is adorable and fits perfectly around your wrist without the burden or heaviness of most watches

Access and ability to monitor over 20 sporting activities and also keep a keen eye on your heart health

5ATM waterproof capability allows you to enjoy sports stress-free

Long battery life of 10 days with daily use or 45 days with seldom usage

KUMI KU3 MAX Smartwatch Sport Fitness Heart Rate

$65.99 $77.99 15.39% Off

Promo Code: HekkaAFKU3

Best Heart Health Fitness Tracker

Imagine if your watch could activate red blood cells and improve the viscosity and fluidity of your blood. Would you go for it?

The Kumi KU3 has this incredible feature and many more to ensure you are healthy inside and out.

We exercise to improve our heart, respiratory health, and circulation health.

Why we love

The Kumi KU3 has carefully balanced personal and fitness needs in a beautiful watch. So whether you want to ensure your health is on track, this watch will measure body temperature, heart health needs, and other physical activities like sleep analysis or exercise.

On the flip side, its long battery life and waterproof and dustproof features help you stay informed with daily schedules and tasks.

Honor Band 6 Smart Fitness Watch

$32.99 $47.99 31.26% Off

Promo Code: HONORBAND6

Best Customizable Fitness Watch

Want a fitness watch that encourages you to work out and be accountable? Honor Band 6 is at your service.

Fully packed with 10 professional exercises, it will keep you fit and ensure your fitness goals are achieved within the set time.

Why we love

HONOR has upgraded the look with a 1.47-inch AMOLED color screen, a touchscreen option, and superb clarity.

Monitor blood oxygen and heart rate and get real-time data sent to your devices, enabling you to take appropriate action if something is wrong or amiss

Short charge time and long battery use time

HONOR Band 6 predicts the date of your next menstrual cycle, so you don’t have to keep guessing.

If the above do not appeal to you, check out the following

Baseus Wireless Smart Tracker T2 Anti-lost Alarm Tracker Key Finder Child Bag Wallet Finder APP GPS Record Anti Lost Alarm Tag

Find personal belongings or your kids at the beep. Baseus wireless less smart tracker is a simple device that connect to other devices and allows you to find missing item easily.

Coupon Code: 3CAFF5

Discounted price: $13.99

CN Version Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro Smart Bracelet AMOLED Screen GPS Blood Oxygen Fitness Tracker Waterproof

Another exceptional design from Xiaomi with all the features to ensure you stay healthy and monitor your health status at all times

Coupon Code: HEKKAMI

Discounted price: $60.99

Global Version Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smart Bracelet 1.62 Inch AMOLED Bluetooth 5.2 With 120 Workout Modes

Xiaomi has done it again with this 1.62-inch AMOLED fitness tracker with 120 workout modes to keep you fit and focused to achieving your goals.

Coupon Code: HekkaOct7

Discounted price: $46.00