5 Tricks to Get the Best Battery Life Phone

best battery life phone

It’s no secret that our smartphones are constantly sucking up battery life—it can be a real struggle to make it through the workday without having to plug in. But there are some tricks you can use to help extend your battery life and ensure that your phone never dies when you need it most. But before we reveal these tricks, it’s crucial to understand how your phone uses and consumes power.

In this blog post, we’ll explore five tricks you can use to extend your phone’s battery life, the best battery life phone, and a few extra tips that can also help. Let’s get started!

Why is having a good understanding of your phone’s battery essential?

Not all smartphones are created equal, and some phones have a more efficient battery life than others. Understanding the basics of your phone’s battery can help you make informed decisions about how to prolong its lifespan.

One factor to consider is the battery’s capacity (measured in mAh). The higher the number, the more energy it can store, potentially providing longer operating times. But aside from this, other factors could affect your battery life, such as how you use your phone and what apps you have installed.

Five tricks to extend your phone’s battery life.

Turn off the background app refresh.

When you’re not actively using an app, it can still run in the background and consume battery life. Turning off the background app refresh will help save on power and prolong your battery life. Either make this setting universal for all apps or go into the settings of each app and manually turn it off. The best battery life phone should have a feature to turn off the background app refresh automatically.

Lower your screen brightness

Your phone’s display is one of the biggest drains on battery power, so keep it low when you don’t need to use it at full blast. You can also switch to a darker wallpaper which will help reduce your screen’s brightness.

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and other sensors.

All of these features can be battery drainers. Turn them off if you don’t need to use them for an extended period. This will save power and help prolong your battery life.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Unused apps still installed on your device can drain the battery, so it’s a good idea to uninstall any apps you don’t regularly use.

Use power saving mode when available.

Some phones have an inbuilt power-saving mode that helps extend battery life. This mode will dim the screen and turn off location services and other features that aren’t necessary. It’s a great way to save battery life in an emergency.

Hekka’s Best Battery Life Phone

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Oukitel WP19

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Blackview BV7100

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Ulefone Armor 15

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Extra Tips for Prolonging Your Phone’s Battery Life

  • Don’t let your phone overheat: Too much heat can damage your phone, so avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or hot temperatures for extended periods.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Don’t expose your phone to extremely cold temperatures, as this can also damage the battery.
  • Don’t overcharge or leave it plugged in overnight: Overcharging your phone can damage its battery, so be sure to unplug it once it’s fully charged.
  • Always inspect every app: Apps can run in the background, even when you’re not using them. Make sure to check each app and turn off any unnecessary ones.

By following these simple tips and picking up one of Hekka’s great phone deals, you’ll enjoy superior performance and long-lasting battery life for years to come! So make sure to take advantage of these deals and get your best battery life phone today!