Best Android Phones of Xiaomi 2022

best android phones of Xiaomi

The leading smartphone and gadget maker brand Xiaomi has been coming up with new smartphones every year. There are a number of smartphone models that have become very popular in the last few years. Every year, there are new smartphones on the market, and it is hard to choose the best one from the lot.

In this article, we help you choose the best android phones of Xiaomi. Below are some recommendations that you can look into for the best android phones from the brand Xiaomi on These phones are the best on multiple parameters, and you can choose the right one based on what you are looking for.

Xiaomi 12

The Xiaomi 12 phone is a leading smartphone from Xiaomi. The device has a very compact design and features that are best in class. The smartphone is a high-performance mobile device with functionality and style in one. The phone has excellent camera specifications and quality with a great main camera.

The Xiaomi 12 is the best android phone if you are into video making and other activities through your phone. The phone supports both wired and wireless modes of charging, and this helps you get the best out of your phone wherever you are. Like all other recent models from Xiaomi, the phone comes with an inbuilt fast charging mode so that you can use the phone without frequent charging breaks.

The mobile phone comes with high performance due to the inclusion of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip in its internal feature. The phone also comes with an AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate so that you can complete quick actions with the smartphone. The phone is the perfect combination of speed and style for users. The tele macro lens that the phone comes with is an exciting feature for photography enthusiasts and people who like to have great photos on social media.

Poco X4 Pro

In the list of best android phones 2022, the Poco X4 Pro also comes across as a choice. The Poco X4 Pro is an affordable but feature-packed phone from Xiaomi. The Poco X4 Pro 5G comes with the latest features and technology. It is a 5G supporting phone that has great speed, and a refreshes rate in the middle of tasks.

The design of the Poco X4 Pro 5G is like a breath of fresh air. It has a plastic body that is compact and lightweight. The design is stunning and makes for a conversation starter at the dinner table. The phone has a 120 Hz display that is very smooth and immersive. The battery life is quite good and can last for more than a day.

The phone comes with a 67 W charger, which supports fast charging. The camera is 108 MP and produces clear pictures and videos with superior audio quality. The phone has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 695 as a processor, and its performance is very good. If you are looking for a phone that supports great gaming and viewing experience with 5G speed, then the Poco X4 Pro is a good choice.

Xiaomi 12 Pro

You have already read about Xiaomi 12. But can the Xiaomi 12 Pro be a step ahead and become the best android phones 2022 from Xiaomi? When you pick up the Xiaomi 12 Pro, the first thing that hits you is its enormous size. The design is very sleek and classy. If you want to go for a big phone with a minimalist feel, go for the Xiaomi 12 Pro.

It has great display specifics and can be used for video viewing and gaming tasks. The mobile phone has 120W wired charging with good battery life. The phone comes with a good triple camera which helps in capturing the best photographs of your life. The battery life could be better, but the features the phone comes with are great to start with.

Poco F4 GT

The Poco f4 GT is one of the best smartphones to use as it has very fast charging with a 120 W charger. The smartphone has excellent performance and can help you with multiple tasks. The smartphone comes with pop-up shoulder buttons that help in improving access to the smartphone’s features.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip helps amplify the performance of the smartphone and also supports gaming and video tasks. The 12 GB RAM and expandable storage is a good choice for your smartphone as you get a lot of storage space to use and keep your photos and videos in it. The 64 MP camera that the Poco F4 GT comes with is great for capturing photos and videos whenever you need to.

Xiaomi 12X

The Xiaomi 12X is a phone that comes with lightweight construction and is a solid, affordable phone to use. The Xiaomi 12X is a phone model that comes with impressive camera fittings and provisions for a great capture and shooting experience. The edges of the phone come with a square design which makes it great for use and also gives it a modern look.

The performance that you get from the phone is very good, and the phone can be used for gaming and video viewing experience. The Xiaomi 12X comes with a camera that is great for social media influencers and active people. The Xiaomi 12X is a leading one of the best smartphones that you can use because of its lightweight design and unique design, as well as the features that are packed into it.

Apart from these smartphones, there are other phones that are part of the best android phones list for 2022. The best smartphones today are a mixture of style, substance and other aspects such as features and functionalities that users look for the most. There are a number of features that the modern user looks for in his mobile devices and wearables today. Xiaomi has been tapping into different customer demands to create the best smartphone models that exist today.