You May not Be a Super Model, but You Are Super Beautiful!

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Hekka is a brand that wants to celebrate the daily highlights of your life. Summer’s coming, the sun is shining on the beach, and the ocean is calling. We believe every woman should feel her best in fashion swimwear.

Hekka and our partner brand, Uplive, are getting ready to make a big splash this July 14-17, 2022, in Miami South Beach over Miami Swim Week 2022. Have a preview of some of the swimwear we are showing, and get fashion inspiration!Miami Swim Week 2022

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One Piece

If you are more like a dive-into-ocean or get-on-paddle-board type of girl, a one-piece swimsuit is perfect. They can cover your body more than bikinis. Most importantly, they can hug you tightly and never fall, like a good friend!


A bikini is a good choice if you enjoy beach time and plan to get tanned nicely. There’s not so much material covering your body, so the bikinis must support you while ensuring you feel comfortable. The trick is to pick the right size.


Tankini is a two-piece bathing suit with a tank top and a bikini bottom. Tankini is suitable for active girls who love water sports, and it keeps the convenience of two-piece swimwear. A good tankini will surprise you if you don’t want to show too much skin.

Miami Swim Week 2022, swimwear 2022

If you love this blog, welcome to watch the show at SLS South Beach Miami 1701 Collins Ave Miami Beach, Miami, FL 33139. Or you can enjoy the live streaming of the show.