Back to School Outfits 2022

back to school outfits

Are you wondering what to wear to school? If yes, you have come to the right place. As schools are starting to open all around the globe, people have started thinking seriously about back to school outfits. Back to school is all about bold looks and new styles. After all, it is a new beginning, and you have got to express much of yourself! Whether you are in the last year of school or heading to the first year of college, you need to pick the trending outfit. With the latest fashion wear, you are sure to make heads turn as you enter the campus.

Shopping for back to school outfits can be really exciting. Looking for the best back-to-school fashion wear? In that case, here is the complete list. Let’s take a look!

Tank Tops

When it is about back-to-school fashion, tank tops are something you cannot leave out. Tank tops are simply undisputed. Whether you want a casual or elegant look, these tops can be the right choice. They are just perfect for any look you want. You can combine it with your simple pair of jeans. If you want to look more casual, athletic joggers can be great! Don’t forget to put on your sneakers. You might think of wearing a small hoop earring to elevate the basic look and add a stylish touch.

Mini Skirts

There is no denying that mini skirts are indeed super cute. You can go for the high-waisted short A-line flare mini skirt or any other style to suit your preference and comfort. While it may appear a little dressy for school, a white t-shirt and denim jacket can balance the look. As white tops are versatile, it allows you to pick the mini-skirts of your favorite color. You can put on a nice belt if you want a defined waist look. In addition, putting on a pair of floral sneakers can offer you a complete look.

Wide Leg Pants

A basic t-shirt over a pair of casual jeans is one of the favorite back to school outfits for people. The classic and timeless combo is great for a casual look. However, if you want to step up your fashion game, you can try something new. In other words, you can try a different version of the same look. The wide-leg pants can do the job. While skinny jeans have been the favorite go-to style for several years, wide-leg pants are increasingly becoming popular in recent times. The casual yet cool look they offer is one of the main reasons to choose them. The best thing about these pants is that they are easy to style and comfortable to wear. Moreover, the wide-leg pants are less restricting in comparison to skinny jeans. So, you get to enjoy comfort and style at the same time. Grab a crop top to get the perfect high school look.

Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts are one of the best back to school outfits you would love to wear. With these easy-going staples, you have the option to wear them alone or over your tank tops and t-shirts. This outfit works great for any activity within the campus. Pair up your plaid shirts with your ankle-length jeans. For an easy and basic look, you can put on white sneakers. This outfit offers you a casual yet classy look.

Denim Outfits

Denim outfits are something that is never out of fashion. It is a simple fashion trend that you can put on effortlessly and look fashionable in a jiffy. It has become a major fashion trend these days. In fact, in 2022, more is more. That means you are likely to witness more head-to-toe denim ensembles. You can put on a denim shirt and pair it with a pair of dark denim jeans. To complete your look, you can get the right footwear. Grab the flat sneakers, and you are all good to go. The best thing about denim outfits is that they offer comfort like no other fashion wear.

Leather Jackets

As winters are close, leather jackets must definitely be on your list of back to school outfits. It is a fall outfit that can’t go wrong. The leather jacket trend keeps going back to the old style. However, it makes sure to keep coming back. The black leather jackets can offer you a bold and elegant look. The best thing about jackets is that they give you the flexibility of wearing whatever you want. The jacket will complement it regardless of what you choose to wear.

Moreover, leather jackets are not just worn for style purposes. They can provide you with the much-required warmth in the chilly winters. So, as the breeze gets chillier, do forget to add a leather jacket to your wardrobe.

Distressed Skinny Jeans

If you want a fashion-forward look, distressed skinny jeans can be a great choice. There is a popular choice among high schoolers for being one of the effortless outfits. You do not have to worry much about what to wear with these jeans. It is because they can go well with various clothing items. However, if you are actually concerned about matching the distressed pair of jeans with something, then neutral sweaters can be your go-to option. Wear the essential white sneakers for a perfect and complete look.


The sweatshirt is another famous back to school outfit for a casual and relaxed look. Sweatshirts are best for a casual yet stylish look. The best part is that you won’t have to put in much effort to get the stylish look. Pair up your sweatshirt with your favorite pair of denim jeans. However, you can also wear them over your comfortable leggings. It can even be worn with mini skirts.


Now that you are well aware of the trending back to school outfits, it is time to try them out yourselves. Grab the perfect wear and flaunt in style. If you are looking for the best place to shop for these outfits, Hekka can be the ideal choice for you.