Best Android Gaming Phone of 2022

android gaming phone

Renting games and, getting your setup ready, worrying about the slow internet or no power are the problems that are too much to deal with now. It’s about time to switch your smartphone to a gaming console. Get ready to dive into the back-to-back rounds of Fortnite and PUBG. Having the right and best phone for Gaming is very important, or you can feel frustrated.

The gaming phones are specially designed with a processor that supports high performance. They build in a very sophisticated way. You are surprised at how the experience resembles the one you will get from Gaming on a computer or a gaming console. More giant screens support high resolution and support in providing a better gaming experience. Faster 5G connectivity and faster wifi make it a unique experience for cloud gaming.

Many companies understand the market for gaming phones and their future. Here’s a round-up of a few android phones that might help you get to the top of the scoreboard.


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This ASUS gaming phone will blow your mind with its mind-blowing gaming experience and specifications.

  • Its 6.78 inches 165 Hz AMOLED display with a high-resolution of 1080 x 2448 is a treat for the eyes while Gaming.
  • The screen has enough space to show the controls without blocking half of the screen. The side buttons and screen sensors detect the taps and swipes.
  • The highly efficient Snapdragon 888+ processor and a 6000mAh battery are a pleasure for gamers and boost performance.
  • Not only this, but 16GB RAM and 256GB internal storage make it an excellent accessory for a gaming library and a regular-use phone.

Hence, multitasking with this phone is always an option. This may be a perfect android phone for gaming purposes. It is an equally handy phone for streaming movies and social media.

Xiaomi 12T Pro

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  • A 6.7 inches 120Hz AMOLED display phone with a resolution as high as 1440 x 3200 makes the gaming experience surreal.
  • The large display provides a better experience and shooting, aiming, and running around.
  • This magnificent screen shields a processor that is Snapdragon Gen 1, making it a power punch phone.
  • The processor helps the device run faster by using less power.
  • The 12 GB ROM and 256 GB storage make this phone a tool for storing a generous amount of data.

Apart from being the dream phone of many gamers, this phone is pretty light on the pocket. This makes it hard to find anything negative about this phone. It is an excellent choice for young gamers.



  • An 8380mAh battery has a standby time of 720 hours.
  • This is a perk for gamers who like going on for long hours without interruption.
  • In addition, a 33 W fast charging enables it to get to 100% charge within 90 minutes.
  • It is perfect for people who prefer to get their phones charged quickly.

A MediaTek G96 processor provides smooth operation even with all that heavy gaming scenes. All these fantastic specifications mask behind a 5.68 inches display. With a resolution of 1080 x 2448, providing a smoother viewing experience for Gaming and streaming media.

  • This phone is waterproof, drop-proof, and 99% dustproof.
  • It ensures no stopping gamers from taking it anywhere with them.
  • There are no scenic hurdles to stop the enthusiasts from Gaming outside.
  • The 4G support makes the internet connection faster and gives a better experience when you are outsides.

The rugged surface on the back gives it a better grip while holding the phone for Gaming. This phone is a pretty impressive gaming beast on a budget.


Xiaomi POCO M5

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Another Xiaomi master android gaming phone chock full of features for gaming purposes. A 6.58 inches LCD is a screen built for gaming purposes and pleasure. It provides the necessary means to get your game and controls on the screen altogether. A Mediatek helio G99 processor has a specialty in Gaming. The risks of dropping and damaging your device reduces with a glass front, a plastic body, and a back. However, the resolutions and brightness intensity, like the one on this phone, makes the gaming experience pretty surreal.

  • A 5000mAh battery and the option of 18W fast charging.
  • It allows gamers to continue playing tournaments for as long as they wish without worrying about frequent charging.
  • If needed one way or another, this phone gets to 100% pretty quickly. It makes their life easier and happier. The choice of colors to choose from makes it exciting and fun at the same time.
  • A versatile and impressive camera with 50 MP makes it a very demanding phone. Among gamers and superior to many gaming phones in the market, it is the best one.
  • With its 128GB RAM, this phone is made to tackle anything thrown at it. It makes it on our list of best gaming phones.



The list mentioned above is a carefully curated list of phones. They are the best android gaming phones to come out in the year 2022. You can select your favorite phone that can convert into a gaming console at a time of your choice. You must remember a few things before choosing a gaming phone. A good and efficient process that can take anything thrown at it and will not lag the device no matter what. A display that is big enough to provide a view of the gaming world. It will only cover up part of the screen with controls. A long-lasting battery that does not drain now and then. Frequent interruptions between games because of the low battery can get pretty annoying for the users. I hope this blog helps you find your perfect android gaming phone. Happy Gaming!!